Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 12, 2010-Hola

Hello family,
Well, Argentina is doing just great and so am I. I feel like we are getting farther in our work every week. At first, we just had to spend all our time finding people to teach. Now, some of the people we´re teaching are already getting somewhere and we are still finding new people. We had a good lesson this week with a man named Cesar, in which we finally got somewhere with him. He said that he knew we came to him for a reason and then we talked with him about how he´s not sure that God exists. But we told him that we are going to help him figure that out so hopefully he´s serious about this and he´ll do the reading this week. The ward mission leader is also really excited about missionary work right now and so we´re going to try hard to members more involved in the work. We also contacted this family on the street that said they just moved here and they went to church like four times when they lived in Santa Rosa. So they are coming to church with us this week and then we can teach them more... We found a bunch of people this week that look promising and we hope they turn out to be as good as we think they are.
Other than that, Hermana Davis and I are addicted to the bread here. It´s so good! We eat it with jam all the time. I´ll probably die when I can´t have it anymore. Maybe i´ll start disliking it before I have to leave Argentina because it will have made me very large and I¨ll be angry at it for doing that to me. I wore my boots this week. It was a pretty exciting day. It was pretty cold outside so I decided to wear them so I can try them out. They were black when I put them on and totally brown when we came home at night because Toay is covered in dirt and sand and it got all over my boots. They totally kept my legs warm though so I´m excited to wear them more. Also, Hermana Davis and I have been using that workout book that you gave me when I left. A lot of the exercises in it make you look really stupid when you do them so it´s pretty entertaining to watch each other try to do them at 6:30 am when we´re practically still sleeping. We´ve only done them for three days so far, but we are going to keep doing it and be so buff by the time we leave.
Well, missionary work is calling to us so we must go. I hope everything is going well for all of you. I love you and am so grateful to have you as a family. Make some non-member friends this week and wait for them to ask you about the church. Maybe Jarrett´s friends´parents... then eventually you can invite them over for dinner and stuff and someday you can go with the missionaries to teach and baptize them. ´Then they will love you. Next week, I will report that a ton of people came to church and some of them want to get baptized. This is me being very optimistic. Well, the gospel is true and it is a huge blessing in our lives! Love you all!
Hermana Seegmiller
P.S. Everyone here gives besos when they meet you and every time they see you. It gets kinda tiring because you have to go around and kiss everyone hello and then kiss everyone goodbye. I´ll probably continue that tradition after I get home though...

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