Monday, December 27, 2010

Navidad in the mission

Pictures take forever to send. Matame!

Navidad in the mission- December 27, 2010

Hello Familia,
I am sending you some lovely pictures from our Christmas festivities. We spent Christmas Eve with the abuelitos and their son, who was visiting from Mendoza. It was fun. We had an asado (tons of meat on the grill) and a large fruit salad. I kinda had a cold though so I couldn´t really taste what I was eating and it was really hard to eat because I couldn´t breathe if I had stuff in my mouth. But it was still fun. Then the Abuelitos made us stay there until midnight so that we could toast with them and then watch the fireworks. Hna. Olsen and I were dying falling asleep on the table. We drank Pineapple Fizz and watched the fireworks outside. There weren´t that many, but it´s supposedly "prohibited" in Bahía so there were a lot if you think about the fact that there weren´t supposed to be any. Then we went home and did a quick version of our very own Live Nativity (because both our families do it) and recorded it. We had to switch out a lot because there are only two of us and there are a lot more parts in it than just two, but we made it work.
We also had our lovely mission talent show for Christmas this last Wednesday and it turned out really well. Hna. Olsen and I did a song and dance to the song "A Professional Pirate" from Muppet Treasure Island. We rewrote the lyrics (in Spanish, which was actually really hard) to be "Cuando sos una misionera" (when you´re a missionary). It could be funny to some people so I´m going to write all the lyrics. For those of you who don´t speak Spanish, maybe you can use It´s also weird because it´s Argentine Spanish.
Cuando estaba en la casa, saliendo con los chicos,
Mi mamá me dijo," Ya tenés 21 y pico.
Vos podés estudiar o podés tener bebés.
¿Por qué no utilizás la belleza que tenés?"
Oh hey ho ho
Podés ir a un pais, conocer a mucha gente y comer lo que te dan,
Seguimos subiendo aunque caminamos mucho
Cuando sos una misionera, viste es lo que hay.
(Yelled) Vamos hermanas! 6 meses a sexy
Por ejemplo, una hermana, los miembros la adoran,
Pero a los elderes, cuando llaman, les molestan,
Si mirás al corazón, las va a conocer,
Y todos prefieren una hermana a un élder!
Oh hey ho ho
Hay que aprovechar. Siempre hay una compi que le gusta cocinar,
Lleva la pollera que deja cuando baje,
Cuando sos una misionera, No tenés que llevar un traje!
Pudiera estar trabajando, Prefiero andar en la lluvia
Pudiera ser pelliroja, Pero sin siesta, soy más rubia.
Ahora estudio mis escrituras, pero pudiera haberme graduado.
Y yo pudiera haberme casado.
Se dicen que misioneras son sensible y debe evitarlas
Yo digo que son re-buenas y no hay que quitarlas.
Nunca nos pegamos, ni miramos a las chicas.
Bautizamos a todos - los pobres y las ricas!

Hey ho ho
No vamos a la misa,
Aprendemos mucho, nos matamos de la risa.
Somos hijas de Dios, no lo vamos a negar.
Cuando sos una misionera,
Serás linda y osada.
Lo que pides, te será dada.
Serás linda y suerte,
Y tendrás buena suerte
Y lo más importante,
Cuando sos una misionera, siempre tenés la mejor acompañante!

Yeah, that´s the end. sorry if you didn´t understand any of it, but I thought it was pretty clever. Just picture Hna. Olsen and I dressed as pirates and singing that song (without music, we couldn´t find any) for our mission president and about 70 elders. Pretty entertaining.
Oh, also, I got transferred. I´m in Tandil now to help Hna. Wilding finish her mission. It´s a pretty place, but the branch only has 20 members so it looks like we´ve got our work cut out for us. I think I will like it and I´m living with three other hermanas so that should be fun. Well, I hope everything is going well in America. I do miss it, but Argentina is nice too. Love you all so much! Thanks for the support and the prayers!
Hna. Seegmiller

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fotos anyone?

¡Feliz Navidad!- December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas, family! (No it´s not Jordan, it´s Kasidy!) He made that lame joke on his email so I decided I would make it too. Was it funny? :)

Well, there is actually not much to report. We are just preparing for Christmas and getting more and more excited as the days get closer. Argentina, on the other hand, mostly still has not noticed that it´s getting closer. Thank goodness for Hna. Olsen and the Christmas spirit that we can share in our house. It´s recently gotten deathly hot so I´m going to be sunburned for the Christmas pictures, but we are having a good time. We love opening our presents from Mom every day and counting down the days until Christmas. We are also going to have a mission activity (complete with talent show) this Wednesday and we are very excited about it. Needless to say, we are planning something ridiculous to perform... more news to come on how it went. We are also going to have some type of game and a spiritual part. It should be really good and we are excited.
We did have our Navidad activity at the church this past week and it was kinda lame. Everyone showed up like an hour late and we tried to watch the Joy to the World movie from the church, but it wasn´t in Spanish so no one could understand. Everyone started yelling," Missionaries! Translate it!" I just waved my hand around and said," Jesús" and they all laughed. Ni loca was I really going to translate the whole video! But our branch president tried to change it and figured out that the remote didn´t have batteries. Luckily, someone had some in their purse and we could put the subtitles on, but the words were so small that nobody could even see them anyway. Well, Hna. Olsen and I enjoyed the video. :) Then we had some refreshments. The best part about the activity though was that the entire Detlefsen family came so we got to hang out with our mission president and his whole family. They are so cute and it made me miss my family a lot. They have six kids too and they´re all cool and good friends with each other. But it did give us hope that some day we are going to go home and all our brothers and sisters are going to come see us (Jordan is excused... all the other siblings better be there. Plus, I´m still up for the moonbounce at my homecoming party...) It was fun though and some of the branch members came.
Also, this week, we talked to a little family that was sitting on a corner. We could tell that they didn´t really want us to talk to them, but we decided to talk to them anyway (haha...story of my life here in the mission). So we started telling them who we are right when this really loud motorcycle roared by and they all yelled at them like," Come on! You have no respect!" and this little grandma who was sitting there with them says," I would kill them!" Everyone looked at her kinda surprised until one of the daughters says, " She doesn´t go to church" to us. It was pretty entertaining and I laughed for a while.
On Christmas Eve (la Noche Buena), we are going to hang out with the Abuelitos. They bought a parrilla so we can have some meat and we are pretty excited about it. I have absolutely no idea what we are going to be doing on Christmas Day, but I am so excited to talk to you guys and I hope everything works out well. It´s basically the highlight of our month, but I have an idea that you guys aren´t quite as excited as we are. We talked to the siblings of some missionaries here and they all forgot or didn´t really care so that made us feel really good. Just pretend you´re excited if you´re not.
Well, I am happy and excited to spend this very Argentine Christmas with the Abuelitos and Hna. Olsen. It´s going to be a good time and we already decided that Hna. Olsen and I are going to do our own reenacted nativity, probably with a lot of improvisation. We shall see how that goes. Gracias por todo, familia! Les amo muchísimo.
Hna. Seegmiller

Monday, December 13, 2010

Una semana rara- December 13, 2010

Querida familia,
Thanks for your emails and letters (well, I just get letters from Mom so thanks to Mom solamente). This week was a really weird week for a bunch of reasons. On Tuesday after our district meeting, Hna. Olsen didn´t feel good at all so we had to stay inside. We decided to take advantage of the time we had to change our Happy Halloween sign that is still hanging up so it would say "Happy Christmas Ron! (like from Harry Potter), I didn´t think it would take as long as it did, but it looks really good now, complete with skeletons with Santa Hats, ornaments over the pumpkins, and one skeleton that ended up as a missionary snowman (pretty much just like a regular snowman, but with a tag... way cooler and nerdier). It makes our little house a lot more Christmasy. It actually turned out to be a really good thing that Hna. Olsen was sick (probably not for her so much) because a TORNADO struck Bahía. I´m pretty sure it wasn´t that bad of one, but all of a sudden, there was a ton of wind and the roof started making noise. We just thought it was kinda weird, but there are strong winds in Bahía all the time. They kept getting stronger though and then the lights went out. Super fun. Then Abuelito came running out of his house and banged on the door, saying," Hermanas, are you in there? These winds are too strong. Close everything and don´t leave the house!" So intense... so we made a video of it with Hna. Olsen´s camera. The Abuelitos lost a ton of grapes off their grape-growing thing (it´s parra in Spanish) and one of our neighbors lost her roof and a window so it was kinda sad, but a cool experience.
Then after the random tornado, we had to go pick up Hna. Barfoot and Hna. Davis from the terminal because they had to stay at our house for two nights until they went home. It was so fun to see Hna. Davis again, my beloved trainer. She looked kinda different and was really mad when she saw that I´m not fat anymore. She said my hair has also grown a lot and it´s super long now. We talked and laughed and had a really good time. We watched our old videos we made together and she refused to give me advice for the rest of my mission. Then on Thursday morning, Prez came to pick up her and Hna. Barfoot to take them to the airport. It was weird, but I hugged her and she said "see you in 9 months" and then she left and I cried. Typical me. It was weird because it made us think a lot about what it´s going to be like when we get home. I still have a while so it also made me think about what I want to do with the rest of my mission and what I want to be able to say that I´ve done. Hna. Davis and I are definitely going to be friends when I get home so she just has to not get married until then. I hope she can aguantar.
We worked all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday looking for new investigators and not having much luck. We did find Roberto, who´s 79 years old and was really nice. All of our investigators are kinda dying now so we have to work really hard this week to find new ones. Then Elder Detlefsen, the only son of my mission president, came home on Saturday so we met him on Sunday at church. Here they get off with just a testimony instead of a twenty minute talk complete with mission stories and a testimony in your mission language. Can we do it the Argentine way when I get home? Anybody for that? But they read the letter his mission president had written to his stake president and you could just tell that he was a really solid elder. They also sad that he got really sad when they tried to take away his missionary tag. The whole week just made me think about what kind of misionera I want to be when I reach the last day of my mission or when I step off that plane. I want to be the kind of missionary that wants to keep working in mission work, the kind that looks for the missionaries first to ask if I can go out with them, and the kind that keeps sharing the gospel with people for the rest of her life. I hope that I can live up to that, but first I have to be a good missionary that is still on the mission. Thanks for all the support you always give me. I love you all so much and am getting so excited to talk to you on Christmas. I haven´t decided if that´s going to be the best thing about Christmas or if it´s going to be toasting at midnight with the Abuelitos. It´s going to be pretty close... :) Have a lovely week!
Your hijita,
Hna. Seegmiller

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Solo puede ser feliz siempre el que sepa ser feliz con todo." -Confucio December 6, 2010

So wise, Confucio.
Anyways, Hello family,
How are you all doing? I hope you are fabulous and getting ready for Christmas. Only 19 days! Hna. Olsen and I have been cutting our paper chain every day and we have a little chart that we took from Amigos (the church magazine) that tells what people all over the world do for Christmas. Every day we have a little picture that we glue on the chart and Argentina totally made the cut. "People in Argentina let off diamond-shaped balloons called globos into the sky." Sweet... I´m excited to see if it´s true.
The best thing that happened this week was when we went by to see Victor and Cristina, our investigadores with a baptismal date. We still had to teach them the Word of Wisdom so we went to teach that and told them that they can´t smoke or drink alcohol. They said that they both smoke and drink sometimes. Then Victor had to leave, but we kept talking to Cristina and we made a plan with her for how she was going to stop smoking. She wrote up the plan and then we talked to her about how she felt about her baptism. She said," Well, Victor isn´t very convinced about getting baptized, pero yo sí." (But I am) We totally freaked out when she said that," En serio, Cristina? You´re going to get baptized?!" and she said yes. We started preparing everything for the baptism, which was scheduled for that Saturday. We had to run around and tell all the members and ask people to give talks and direct the music and say prayers and everything. We wanted to have a Family Home Evening with a family in the ward, but it just so happened that someone needed a heart transplant and so Cristina (who works in a hospital) had to work for like three days in a row and we couldn´t see her. We were pretty nervous about if she would be able to stop smoking or if she would really get baptized, but I kept hearing in my head her voice saying," Pero yo sí." and I felt like it was going to be okay. We went by their house at 5 on Friday night to see if she was going to go to the interview and she said yes! So she got interviewed and she passed and she totally got baptized on Saturday night. It was so beautiful! We asked Hno. Barroso if he would play the violin (because he plays really well...he´s like professional) and he said he would. I didn´t know that he was going to make me accompany him on the piano until like five seconds before though. He told me that it´s not a big deal and I should just pick whichever song I wanted. So we played Silent Night and Nearer My God, To Thee. I totally accompanied a musical number. It wasn´t that awesome, but I felt cool because we had never practiced before and it sounded good. Cristina loved it and so did Victor (who wasn´t quite ready for baptism, but he´ll get there soon) and their two little kids.
Cristina is so great and she is going to be so awesome in the church. I´m so happy that she decided to get baptized and that her husband will follow her and her family will be able to be together forever. She is just a cool person and if she ever comes to visit the States with her family, they are totally staying at our house. If not, I´ll have to introduce you in the next life.
I also learned that bold in Spanish is called Negrita. I thought it was pretty funny. Sorry to ruin the email with that, but Hna. Olsen and I felt so blessed to be able to meet and teach this beautiful family. I´m sure they could have done it without me so I feel so lucky to be able to have been there. I hope you are all well and preparing for the holidays. Hna. Olsen and I are going to keep cutting our little pictures and decorating our house and helping Victor and Jorge get baptized. I have a feeling it´s going to be a very merry Christmas. Love you all and miss you and America!
Hna. Seegmiller
P.S. Hopefully pictures to come... I know you´re all dying to know what Hna. Olsen looks like. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ah la misión...November 29, 2010

Hello hello,
I hope you are all doing fabulously. My camera is still broken (the place that fixes it is only open at night... what?) so I can´t send pictures, but hopefully next week, Hna. Olsen will bring her camera and we can send some good ones. It´s weird, but all the pictures we have together are of us doing kinda gross things - when Hna. Olsen got a bloody nose, when we killed the large bug we found in our bathroom, when I got sunburned on my face (brought back memories of the good old face rash). We´ll try to take some pictures that are acceptable for the normal non-missionary world to view. Life is good though. We´re preparing for Christmas while the rest of Argentina ignores it. We´re going to soak in the Argentine way of Christmas this year, but next year I´m totally going all out and doing all the traditions to the max. I´ll probably eat a candy cane every day for the whole month of December to make up for the lack of them this year.
So I don´t know why all of our investigators and recent converts think it´s so funny to make fat jokes about me, but they all do it. During sacrament meeting yesterday, the speaker was talking about being patient and how some little kids in a study needed to wait 15 minutes to eat the marshmallow and they would get another one. The speaker made a joke that he could definitely wait to eat the marshmallow and Jorge leans over and says to me," Vos no." and then started to laugh. We laughed too. Oh Jorge... Dora also tells me that she thinks I look fatter now and that i should give the food I eat to Hna. Olsen, who is super skinny. Thanks, Dora.
Speaking of Dora, she is so different now. It is super amazing to see the results of the baptism and how much it has helped her. She´s happy and laughing and making jokes with us. She was always so angry before. Now she wants to go to church activities and she bought skirts to go to church in. So cute! Also, happy birthday to Jenna (my dear friend of a million years) and thanks to everyone for the birthday letters. We have to go now, but I hope you all have a fabulous week and remember your little missionary far away in Argentina. We´re doing good, working hard, seeing miracles, and feeling so lucky that we have this time to be missionaries and serve the Lord. Love you all!
Hna. Seegmiller