Monday, December 20, 2010

¡Feliz Navidad!- December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas, family! (No it´s not Jordan, it´s Kasidy!) He made that lame joke on his email so I decided I would make it too. Was it funny? :)

Well, there is actually not much to report. We are just preparing for Christmas and getting more and more excited as the days get closer. Argentina, on the other hand, mostly still has not noticed that it´s getting closer. Thank goodness for Hna. Olsen and the Christmas spirit that we can share in our house. It´s recently gotten deathly hot so I´m going to be sunburned for the Christmas pictures, but we are having a good time. We love opening our presents from Mom every day and counting down the days until Christmas. We are also going to have a mission activity (complete with talent show) this Wednesday and we are very excited about it. Needless to say, we are planning something ridiculous to perform... more news to come on how it went. We are also going to have some type of game and a spiritual part. It should be really good and we are excited.
We did have our Navidad activity at the church this past week and it was kinda lame. Everyone showed up like an hour late and we tried to watch the Joy to the World movie from the church, but it wasn´t in Spanish so no one could understand. Everyone started yelling," Missionaries! Translate it!" I just waved my hand around and said," Jesús" and they all laughed. Ni loca was I really going to translate the whole video! But our branch president tried to change it and figured out that the remote didn´t have batteries. Luckily, someone had some in their purse and we could put the subtitles on, but the words were so small that nobody could even see them anyway. Well, Hna. Olsen and I enjoyed the video. :) Then we had some refreshments. The best part about the activity though was that the entire Detlefsen family came so we got to hang out with our mission president and his whole family. They are so cute and it made me miss my family a lot. They have six kids too and they´re all cool and good friends with each other. But it did give us hope that some day we are going to go home and all our brothers and sisters are going to come see us (Jordan is excused... all the other siblings better be there. Plus, I´m still up for the moonbounce at my homecoming party...) It was fun though and some of the branch members came.
Also, this week, we talked to a little family that was sitting on a corner. We could tell that they didn´t really want us to talk to them, but we decided to talk to them anyway (haha...story of my life here in the mission). So we started telling them who we are right when this really loud motorcycle roared by and they all yelled at them like," Come on! You have no respect!" and this little grandma who was sitting there with them says," I would kill them!" Everyone looked at her kinda surprised until one of the daughters says, " She doesn´t go to church" to us. It was pretty entertaining and I laughed for a while.
On Christmas Eve (la Noche Buena), we are going to hang out with the Abuelitos. They bought a parrilla so we can have some meat and we are pretty excited about it. I have absolutely no idea what we are going to be doing on Christmas Day, but I am so excited to talk to you guys and I hope everything works out well. It´s basically the highlight of our month, but I have an idea that you guys aren´t quite as excited as we are. We talked to the siblings of some missionaries here and they all forgot or didn´t really care so that made us feel really good. Just pretend you´re excited if you´re not.
Well, I am happy and excited to spend this very Argentine Christmas with the Abuelitos and Hna. Olsen. It´s going to be a good time and we already decided that Hna. Olsen and I are going to do our own reenacted nativity, probably with a lot of improvisation. We shall see how that goes. Gracias por todo, familia! Les amo muchísimo.
Hna. Seegmiller

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