Monday, December 13, 2010

Una semana rara- December 13, 2010

Querida familia,
Thanks for your emails and letters (well, I just get letters from Mom so thanks to Mom solamente). This week was a really weird week for a bunch of reasons. On Tuesday after our district meeting, Hna. Olsen didn´t feel good at all so we had to stay inside. We decided to take advantage of the time we had to change our Happy Halloween sign that is still hanging up so it would say "Happy Christmas Ron! (like from Harry Potter), I didn´t think it would take as long as it did, but it looks really good now, complete with skeletons with Santa Hats, ornaments over the pumpkins, and one skeleton that ended up as a missionary snowman (pretty much just like a regular snowman, but with a tag... way cooler and nerdier). It makes our little house a lot more Christmasy. It actually turned out to be a really good thing that Hna. Olsen was sick (probably not for her so much) because a TORNADO struck Bahía. I´m pretty sure it wasn´t that bad of one, but all of a sudden, there was a ton of wind and the roof started making noise. We just thought it was kinda weird, but there are strong winds in Bahía all the time. They kept getting stronger though and then the lights went out. Super fun. Then Abuelito came running out of his house and banged on the door, saying," Hermanas, are you in there? These winds are too strong. Close everything and don´t leave the house!" So intense... so we made a video of it with Hna. Olsen´s camera. The Abuelitos lost a ton of grapes off their grape-growing thing (it´s parra in Spanish) and one of our neighbors lost her roof and a window so it was kinda sad, but a cool experience.
Then after the random tornado, we had to go pick up Hna. Barfoot and Hna. Davis from the terminal because they had to stay at our house for two nights until they went home. It was so fun to see Hna. Davis again, my beloved trainer. She looked kinda different and was really mad when she saw that I´m not fat anymore. She said my hair has also grown a lot and it´s super long now. We talked and laughed and had a really good time. We watched our old videos we made together and she refused to give me advice for the rest of my mission. Then on Thursday morning, Prez came to pick up her and Hna. Barfoot to take them to the airport. It was weird, but I hugged her and she said "see you in 9 months" and then she left and I cried. Typical me. It was weird because it made us think a lot about what it´s going to be like when we get home. I still have a while so it also made me think about what I want to do with the rest of my mission and what I want to be able to say that I´ve done. Hna. Davis and I are definitely going to be friends when I get home so she just has to not get married until then. I hope she can aguantar.
We worked all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday looking for new investigators and not having much luck. We did find Roberto, who´s 79 years old and was really nice. All of our investigators are kinda dying now so we have to work really hard this week to find new ones. Then Elder Detlefsen, the only son of my mission president, came home on Saturday so we met him on Sunday at church. Here they get off with just a testimony instead of a twenty minute talk complete with mission stories and a testimony in your mission language. Can we do it the Argentine way when I get home? Anybody for that? But they read the letter his mission president had written to his stake president and you could just tell that he was a really solid elder. They also sad that he got really sad when they tried to take away his missionary tag. The whole week just made me think about what kind of misionera I want to be when I reach the last day of my mission or when I step off that plane. I want to be the kind of missionary that wants to keep working in mission work, the kind that looks for the missionaries first to ask if I can go out with them, and the kind that keeps sharing the gospel with people for the rest of her life. I hope that I can live up to that, but first I have to be a good missionary that is still on the mission. Thanks for all the support you always give me. I love you all so much and am getting so excited to talk to you on Christmas. I haven´t decided if that´s going to be the best thing about Christmas or if it´s going to be toasting at midnight with the Abuelitos. It´s going to be pretty close... :) Have a lovely week!
Your hijita,
Hna. Seegmiller

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