Monday, December 6, 2010

"Solo puede ser feliz siempre el que sepa ser feliz con todo." -Confucio December 6, 2010

So wise, Confucio.
Anyways, Hello family,
How are you all doing? I hope you are fabulous and getting ready for Christmas. Only 19 days! Hna. Olsen and I have been cutting our paper chain every day and we have a little chart that we took from Amigos (the church magazine) that tells what people all over the world do for Christmas. Every day we have a little picture that we glue on the chart and Argentina totally made the cut. "People in Argentina let off diamond-shaped balloons called globos into the sky." Sweet... I´m excited to see if it´s true.
The best thing that happened this week was when we went by to see Victor and Cristina, our investigadores with a baptismal date. We still had to teach them the Word of Wisdom so we went to teach that and told them that they can´t smoke or drink alcohol. They said that they both smoke and drink sometimes. Then Victor had to leave, but we kept talking to Cristina and we made a plan with her for how she was going to stop smoking. She wrote up the plan and then we talked to her about how she felt about her baptism. She said," Well, Victor isn´t very convinced about getting baptized, pero yo sí." (But I am) We totally freaked out when she said that," En serio, Cristina? You´re going to get baptized?!" and she said yes. We started preparing everything for the baptism, which was scheduled for that Saturday. We had to run around and tell all the members and ask people to give talks and direct the music and say prayers and everything. We wanted to have a Family Home Evening with a family in the ward, but it just so happened that someone needed a heart transplant and so Cristina (who works in a hospital) had to work for like three days in a row and we couldn´t see her. We were pretty nervous about if she would be able to stop smoking or if she would really get baptized, but I kept hearing in my head her voice saying," Pero yo sí." and I felt like it was going to be okay. We went by their house at 5 on Friday night to see if she was going to go to the interview and she said yes! So she got interviewed and she passed and she totally got baptized on Saturday night. It was so beautiful! We asked Hno. Barroso if he would play the violin (because he plays really well...he´s like professional) and he said he would. I didn´t know that he was going to make me accompany him on the piano until like five seconds before though. He told me that it´s not a big deal and I should just pick whichever song I wanted. So we played Silent Night and Nearer My God, To Thee. I totally accompanied a musical number. It wasn´t that awesome, but I felt cool because we had never practiced before and it sounded good. Cristina loved it and so did Victor (who wasn´t quite ready for baptism, but he´ll get there soon) and their two little kids.
Cristina is so great and she is going to be so awesome in the church. I´m so happy that she decided to get baptized and that her husband will follow her and her family will be able to be together forever. She is just a cool person and if she ever comes to visit the States with her family, they are totally staying at our house. If not, I´ll have to introduce you in the next life.
I also learned that bold in Spanish is called Negrita. I thought it was pretty funny. Sorry to ruin the email with that, but Hna. Olsen and I felt so blessed to be able to meet and teach this beautiful family. I´m sure they could have done it without me so I feel so lucky to be able to have been there. I hope you are all well and preparing for the holidays. Hna. Olsen and I are going to keep cutting our little pictures and decorating our house and helping Victor and Jorge get baptized. I have a feeling it´s going to be a very merry Christmas. Love you all and miss you and America!
Hna. Seegmiller
P.S. Hopefully pictures to come... I know you´re all dying to know what Hna. Olsen looks like. :)

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