Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ah la misión...November 29, 2010

Hello hello,
I hope you are all doing fabulously. My camera is still broken (the place that fixes it is only open at night... what?) so I can´t send pictures, but hopefully next week, Hna. Olsen will bring her camera and we can send some good ones. It´s weird, but all the pictures we have together are of us doing kinda gross things - when Hna. Olsen got a bloody nose, when we killed the large bug we found in our bathroom, when I got sunburned on my face (brought back memories of the good old face rash). We´ll try to take some pictures that are acceptable for the normal non-missionary world to view. Life is good though. We´re preparing for Christmas while the rest of Argentina ignores it. We´re going to soak in the Argentine way of Christmas this year, but next year I´m totally going all out and doing all the traditions to the max. I´ll probably eat a candy cane every day for the whole month of December to make up for the lack of them this year.
So I don´t know why all of our investigators and recent converts think it´s so funny to make fat jokes about me, but they all do it. During sacrament meeting yesterday, the speaker was talking about being patient and how some little kids in a study needed to wait 15 minutes to eat the marshmallow and they would get another one. The speaker made a joke that he could definitely wait to eat the marshmallow and Jorge leans over and says to me," Vos no." and then started to laugh. We laughed too. Oh Jorge... Dora also tells me that she thinks I look fatter now and that i should give the food I eat to Hna. Olsen, who is super skinny. Thanks, Dora.
Speaking of Dora, she is so different now. It is super amazing to see the results of the baptism and how much it has helped her. She´s happy and laughing and making jokes with us. She was always so angry before. Now she wants to go to church activities and she bought skirts to go to church in. So cute! Also, happy birthday to Jenna (my dear friend of a million years) and thanks to everyone for the birthday letters. We have to go now, but I hope you all have a fabulous week and remember your little missionary far away in Argentina. We´re doing good, working hard, seeing miracles, and feeling so lucky that we have this time to be missionaries and serve the Lord. Love you all!
Hna. Seegmiller

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