Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving? November 22, 2010

Hello family,
How is life? I´m doing very well. La Falda is doing quite well and all the members are so excited to have had a baptism. It´s been like six months since someone got baptized here. Now we want to keep the fire going.
My new companion, Hna. Olsen, is super cool. She´s from Riverton, Utah and this week, she completed a year in the mission. She has blonde hair and blue eyes so we get a lot of nasty comments from guys on the street about "the rubias" and "o que ojos celestes." Gag me. But it´s super fun and super different being with an American again. I have a personality again! I really didn´t realize how much of my personality got lost in the translation from English to Spanish, but I just can´t totally be myself in Spanish. There are a lot of jokes that just don´t make sense. Also, Hna. Olsen loves movie quotes. It´s amazing how after four and a half months of not saying any movie quotes, they are all still in my head so we basically just talk to each other in movie quotes. She´s also six feet tall and super skinny so I feel like a dwarf walking around the streets with her. She´s excited to work here and we´re sure that we´re going to work lots together. I´m excited to be with her and I think it´ll be a good transfer. Also, we´re going to have an awesome Christmas, even if it´s hot outside and there are hardly any lights. Oh, and she´s lactose intolerant. I´m pretty sure I´m going to lose weight. All the members tease her so much about it (especially Abuelito - he always asks her if she wants a glass of milk when we go to his house. Que malo), but they´re going to take care of her well and they already love her.
We also made a lot more effort to have lessons with members this week, which is something that our mission is really emphasizing right now. We only achieved four, but that was four more than we got the week before. It´s all about progress, right? So we´re going to start working a lot harder on that and helping our investigators start progressing from the beginning so that we don´t end up with another Stella Maris situation (we´re thinking that we´re going to have to move on). But we have very high hopes about this transfer and I think we´ll be able to help a lot of people. OH, and the Abuelitos got called as Ward Missionaries! They are so excited. It was kinda funny to me that the only help we have with the missionary work in our ward is from a couple that are older than 75, but they are awesome and so excited to work with us. It´ll be good.
Something that I was thinking about right when Hna. Olsen got here is about how before the mission, I always heard people say," Oh, the mission is so hard, but it´s so worth it." I heard that and just assumed that the "so worth it" part came from when you have baptisms. Now having had one baptism, I was talking to Hna. Olsen about this and she told me that the worth it part doesn´t come from having baptisms. She said that the baptisms are a bright spot in the mission and are really good moments, but they aren´t what make it worth it. I thought about that a little more and I decided that she is right. My mission is so worth all of the hard times that I´ve gone through. All the things I´ve learned about the importance of the church and the awesomeness of my family and the friends I´ve made and the testimony that I´ve gained are what make it worth it, not to mention the giant calves I have now. :) But seriously, the mission is a huge blessing in my life and I´m really grateful that i get to be here. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Hna. Olsen and i are probably going to eat some Jello or something to celebrate. Have a lovely week!
Hna. Seegmiller

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