Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Sentirse bien es una elección" -H2Oh

Hola querida familia,
How is everything at home? I hope everything is going well. Hna. Abarzúa and I are doing well, hanging out in La Falda. This past week was the CENSO in Argentina. They only do a census here once every ten years and it just happened to pass again right when I was here. I was excited... another cultural experience. When they do the census, everything closes and everyone has to stay in their house. Then a bunch of censistas get assigned to one block of Argentina and they have to go to every house and ask a bunch of questions (if you worked one hour in the past week, what your roof is made out of, what country you were born in). So we had to stay in our house until the censista went by and then we had to go out and work, but we couldn´t knock on any doors and we couldn´t visit anyone unless the census had already gone by. We were thinking that the census would come to our house at like 3 in the afternoon so we were planning on cleaning our house a little better and studying a little more. But just our luck, he came by at 9:30 AM. The cool thing was that we participated in the census! So it was kind of a waste of a day, but "Kasidy" who was born in the United States will forever be in the Argentine Census of 2010. I was excited.
This week, we were talking to the Abuelitos about our investigators. Jorge, (everyone at church calls him the bald guy), didn´t get baptized because he said that he doesn´t know if Joseph Smith is a prophet. He said his prayer hasn´t been answered. When we told this to the Abuelito, he said," He doesn´t lack an answer. He lacks hair!!" I laughed so hard because this came from an 80 year old man and it was hilarious. The abuelitos also told me that in Chile they call doctors "matasanos" (one who kills healthy people). I don´t think they have very much confidence in their doctors.
Honestly, this week was rough and we now think that our investigators aren´t going to progress. We´re going to search really hard in this next week to find some solid people who are ready to change. Despite the hard things that are going on, we´re happy and we´re having a good time. I found this lovely quote this week "Es doble la alegría y la mitad de la tristeza si la compartimos." Sorry, but you´ll have to use if you want to know what it says. Thanks for your support. I got a bunch of inspiring letters last week and it made me very grateful that I´m on a mission and get to represent the Lord in this important work. I´m learning a ton and enjoying life. Love you all sooo much!
Hna. Seegmiller

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