Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010

Hello Family, My email was being really dumb and I read all the emails I got so now I only have fifteen minutes to tell you all about my week and I'm kinda annoyed about it. It's all good though. So, I've only been here a week and I already have a rash on my arm and some freaky canker sore in my mouth that won't go away and hurts really bad so I went to the doctor here. They said they'll send you a bill. :) Darn this sensitive skin of mine. They gave me two creams for them and I think it'll go away soon. The doctor told me that it's probably because it's so dry here, but I told him I've been living in Provo for two years. He said," Oh, this isn't Provo. It's the MTC. It's much drier here." I have no clue what he means by that, but it doesn't make much sense to me. I do feel like it's pretty dry here and I am parched every morning when I wake up. Anyway, the last week has been really good. It's weird that I've only been here two weeks because I feel like I can barely remember a time when I wasn't here. Life is still really good. We got a new elder in our district so we now have six elders and four sisters. They are all really fun and we have a good time together. This week we all wrote nice things about each other and I got a lot of nice notes about how I have a great sense of humor. One of the elders wrote that I have a "sweet spirit." Doesn't that mean I'm ugly? haha.. just kidding. It was a good building activity. It's really funny though because the personalities are all so different. One elder, Elder Keeling, really likes the rules so he quotes the white handbook a lot, which cracks me up. The other day, he told us a story about how he got hit by a car when he was eight. It was potentially going to be a really good story, but he made it the most boring getting hit by a car story ever. Pretty impressive, I thought. He spent five minutes telling us why he was riding his bike to the library (to get a book from a series he liked) and then mentioned that he got hit by a car and was unconscious for two weeks and then had to recover for two more after that. Pretty intense stuff. Then my companion asked him," Well, how'd you get hit by the car?" meaning whose fault was it and he replied with," Well, the car was at the same point as I was at the same point in time." and he was completely serious. That elder cracks me up. Also, Elder Shawhan told us about his friend whose last name is Fuller, who whenever someone says they are full, he says," Oh yeah, well I'm fuller!" So the district tried to apply this to other names so sometimes they say," I'm so Seegmill right now!" And then you're supposed to say," Oh yeah, well I'm Seegmill-ER!" It's totally ridiculous. Gotta love the elders. I also noticed this week that Hermana looks like Herman and I told this to my companion who thought it was really funny and she calls me Herman all the time now. I like my companion a lot. She thinks I'm hilarious and we get along well. We also started teaching lessons this week, which was really fun. We learned how to do it and made lesson plans and practiced on everyone we could. I think we teach together well. Everyone who practiced with us says that we're good at teaching simple lessons. We're going to work on meeting the investigators needs this week and getting to really know and help them. Our teacher took us to practice on real fake investigators at the TRC on Saturday morning and she said we all did really well. She said she is so impressed by our district and we definitely speak the best Spanish out of any intermediate district she's had. When she said that, our whole district replied with," Oh, gracias. Stop it." in a way that was totally how I would have said it. I think it's safe to say that my presence is being felt in our district. It cracked me up. Now I'm just waiting for all of them to start saying "freaky" all the time. Something that we talked about this week at devotional (by the way, Ann M. Dibb, the prophet's daughter, came to Relief Society on Sunday and it was so great! Gotta love RS.) was that you really need a solid foundation on all aspects of the church. The speaker said that we should ask ourselves," Can you testify of this as if you were there?" It kinda made me think about it and I know there are some things that I could definitely testify about as if I was there, but other things I couldn't do that. So I am going to try to strengthen all parts of my testimony so that when someone hears me testify of it, they will at least know that I know it's true. Hopefully that will be enough to spark their interest. We also went to the RC yesterday. I talked to someone for a little bit about the gospel and asked him if I could send him a BOM. He said he'd rather I didn't. Rejectomundo. It wasn't a big deal though. That's what the work will be like. He said maybe someday he'll check out the Mormon church that's by his house. I just testified about how I know that it's true and that it can really help his life. He'll come around eventually. Well, the MTC is great. I got Mom's package and my district devoured the Peanut Butter Patties. I need my other black skirt that I left at home and some Carmel Delights please. I love you all. Hermana Seegmiller :)

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