Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010-Conference Weekend

Hello Family!
How's life back on the homestead? The MTC is so great and I'm getting sad that it's coming to an end. I do see Landon Roberts at basically every meal time. He asked me when I was leaving when he got here and I told him I still had like three weeks left so he told me," It seems like you left forever ago." It kinda seems like that to me too, but I've been loving it. But Landon got here after me, is leaving before me, and is like the fifth group of missionaries that have done that to us so I think it's about time we get to the field. Speaking of which, we actually met with the Argentine consul today, which means we are one step closer to getting our Visas. They told us that we don't actually know if they have our Visas until we get our travel plans, which should be happening this Friday. I hope everything works out. But it was way exciting and now we're all pumped about Argentina. This week was really awesome. I have been so excited for conference since I got here and then it finally came. Conference as a missionary was everything it's cracked up to be. I think it's because we think about this stuff all the time and the apostles and prophets talk about it so we are all ears. It was great. It was kinda funny since it was mostly about teaching your family the gospel and I'm on a mission. It made me really excited to have a family one day and there are definitely a lot of ways I can use what was said. I mostly just liked listening to the testimonies of the apostles and prophet. When they testify of Christ, you know they know it's true. I loved it. During Cheryl Lant's talk, I was sitting next to Elder Keeling and at one point in her talk, she said," Look at who you love the very most." so of course I put a freaky look on my face and turned my head slowly to look at Elder Keeling. He rolled his eyes and gave me a typical elder Keeling look. It was classic and he laughed. I was also thinking about our family and my mother a lot when they were talking about those things in the talks and I would say that I got pretty lucky. I think I can definitely look up to the example my mother left for me because she is so solid in the gospel, she is so faithful and has a testimony of Christ, she is so willing to serve, and I think that if I was to serve my mission as she served hers, Heavenly Father would be very happy with that effort. I think I also did get a testimony and learned a lot about the gospel from our family. Chery Lant also said, " We are the ones God has appointed to bless these people and bring them to Christ." She was actually talking about children, but it definitely applies to those people I'm going to help teach in Argentina. I just gotta be ready to bring them the gospel. I'm so excited to do it!
Also, this week was really exciting because it was Easter! So fun. Turns out holidays in the MTC are really sweet - I got two packages of candy from Mom (by the way, my district loved it and says thank you times a million) and a package from my friends with bunny ears and ridiculous masks and more candy! So we have a lot of candy in our district right now and it is starting to make me sick, but it's delicious so I will suffer through it. :) Also, Hermana LaPray's grandma sent her like forty plastic Easter eggs so we had an Easter Egg Hunt in our hallway. It was a little surprising and very entertaining to see how much everyone enjoyed it. Yesterday, we went to the RC again to make calls and I called one lady named Sabina to ask her if she got her BOM. Turns out, she had no clue what the BOM was so I gave her a summary of the first lesson, which I thought went pretty well. I was speaking in Spanish and I was kinda struggling, but everything made sense and it sounded good to me. She asked me a question about how we're all worshipping teh same God so who cares what church we go to so I tried explaining about authority and she interrupted me to say," No habla espanol bien y no entiendo ingles." which basically was telling me that I stink at speaking Spanish. She should have just slapped me in the face because that would have hurt less. I was a little confused, but I told her that I am learning Spanish and she said, "OH no. Habla muy bien. Puedo entender cada cosa que dices." So I'm really confused now about how my Spanish is, but it still hurt my ego. I guess it was humbling so that's a good thing. I do feel like my Spanish has improved since coming here. Anyway, the MTC is so great. I love my district and my teachers and my companion and playing volleyball and the food hasn't killed me yet. :) Travel plans this week! I'm praying for you all! I love you and am so grateful for the support!
Hermana Seegmiller

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