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Vamos Argentina!! June 30, 2010

Hello family!!!
How´s life in the States? Did you know that the United States lost in the World Cup? I did because everyone yells it at us to remind us everywhere we go. Oh well. Hermana Davis and I are going to start telling people we´re from Canada. No one gets mad at Canadians (right, Stephanie Lee?). This week has been fun-filled and crazy. I think Hna. Davis and I are getting crazier every day as we near the end of our second transfer together. Our president made a goal for the whole mission that every companionship would have a baptism this transfer. The transfer ends next Sunday so it´s totally stressing us out, but we can´t figure out how to tell two people that don´t want to marry each other that they have to get married and baptized by next Sunday. It´s rough, but we´re working on it. Something that was super awesome this week was the three packages that Mom sent me!! So exciting! But also, you might want to send smaller boxes next time because I have to pay some money for them too. :) Getting the Snuggie that i asked for (Hna. Davis was amazed that i actually got it, but I was pretty sure it was coming and I´m sure anyone that knows Mom knew that she would send it) was the best thing ever and it´s totally warm when I study now in the morning. All my clothes are a little more red lint-covered, but what can you do? Thanks so much, Mom! Also, Hna. Davis and i had a great time opening all the 12 days of Christmas. I got the packages two days before June Christmas so we got to open ten presents that night. We took a video of it that you´ll probably get to see in like six months... just in time for real Christmas. We loved all of it and we ate almost all of our candy already. The Reese´s came all squished so it takes a lot of effort to unwrap them. We thought it would be a good thing and help us eat only a few a day because it means you have to really want it and take a lot of time in order to eat it, but we surprised ourselves with how much we like American candy because they´re almost all gone.
I´m sure you´ll all be thrilled to know that our district won again this week with the most points so we have now evolved to Venosaur!! And we did the most contacts last Thursday so we won some extra armor for our team for the batalla that we´re having next P-day. I think we´re going to a park and having a fight with balls of flour. I´m not exactly sure how we´re going to get home on the bus afterwards... I´ll let you know next week, I guess.
Church was good again this week. There were hardly any members that went... I don´t know why. It didn´t even rain or anything. But Gustavo, Cesar´s brother, came like he said he would. He enjoyed it, but he has a job at a fruit place and he works ALL the time. He can only come every other Sunday. The good thing is that he´s already been baptized two times, once when he was eight and once when he was ten. What´s one more time? :) We can´t ever teach him though because he´s always working. All the members really liked him and were super nice and welcoming. Everyone already knows him though. When any member saw him, they were like, " Hey, the fruit guy!" We´re going to try to see if we can find him another job that´s better.
We also got a bunch of new investigators this week so that was exciting. We found Susana and Hector (who aren´t married. What a surprise!) who have the cutest little boy named Martín and the funniest grandpa who came over when we were there. He had tucked his shirt into his underwear and pulled his underwear up really high. Then he found out we were from the United States and kept yelling," Why would you come from the United States to this desert?!" It was pretty entertaining.
Also, I´m pretty sure all of Argentina is out to make me fatter. They have so many delicious desserts, not to mention dulce de leche. And everyone decided to make a cake this week and feed it to us when we went to visit them. There´s a scale in the pharmacy here and we went to weigh ourselves this week. I´ve gained 3 kilos! That´s like six pounds, which isn´t that much, but that is where it starts. And doesn´t 3 kilos sound like so much?! I´ve decided that´s a stupid measurement for weight. Maybe I won´t weigh myself anymore.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you all the story from Zone Conference last week. We had Zone Conference last Friday and it was great. Our presidente is so funny! I still only get about a third of the jokes that he makes, but I´m improving. Well, he was talking to us about improving certain things and he was talking for a long time so I started to zone out a little bit. Right then, he asked me to read a scripture out loud. But when I´m not paying attention, it still takes me a little while to process things in Spanish so I just kept staring and smiling at him, waiting until the Spanish clicked in my head. Well, he totally knew that I did not understood what he said so he made fun of me! He told everyone else," She´s just doing this face - " and then he did the nice smile that means I have no clue what you´re saying, but I´m trying to pretend. All the elders and Hna. Davis laughed so hard... especially because I´m sure they´ve all seen me make that face before. Our zone leader was laughing so hard for probably five minutes straight. It was kinda embarrassing, but mostly funny. I´m completely convinced now that that face fools no one. People can always tell if you understand or not. Or maybe i´m just bad at it.
Anyway, the obra is moving forward here in Argentina. Maybe a little slowly in Toay, but we´re working hard and finding new people and enjoying our Christmas presents (Josh Groban and David Archuleta always keep us entertained) and keeping warm in my new Snuggie. Life is good. Also, I can´t belive Luke is already home and Erik is coming home. It´s weird that I´m not there to see them, but at least they´ll probably be normal again by the time I´m home. Tell them I say hi if you see them! I love you all and I´m grateful to have such a great family! Miss you!
Hermana Seegmiller
P.S. This one lady we met this week almost passed out when I told her my name was Kasidy Seegmiller. She totally didn´t understand it and thought it was ridiculous. Then she asked me what my middle name was. I decided to do her a favor and not tell her. I´m pretty sure "Cresap" would´ve killed her.
I attached some pictures! Sorry, Mom, none of them are investigators (I still can´t figure out a non-awkward way to ask people to take a picture with me so my mom can see them), but even better, they´re all of me! :) The first one is me in my new, warm Snuggie! It´s so great. I love it. The second picture is me enjoying my hot chocolate in my classy, Dixie cup straight from the States. The hot chocolate actually burned my tongue so I couldn´t taste anything for two days afterwards, but it was totally worth it. The third picture is me and a sheep that we found on the side of the road that we named Squeeshy. Hna. Davis just happened to snap the picture right when it looked like i was touching its butt, but I totally wasn´t. And finally, Hna. Davis and I being totally hardcore Argentina soccer fans (we got the facepaint out of chocolate balls that we bought at the store). We have to be prepared for Saturday, when they play Germany. Argentina will go nuts if we win again. It´s gonna be a close one. And we´re definitely going to have to find an investigator to watch with because NO ONE will be outside. It´s a pretty big deal.

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  1. "snap the picture right when it looked like i was touching its butt, but I totally wasn´t"

    Yeah sure!

    I love reading your blog, even though I don't know you. I look forward to your updates and they always bring back memories of my time in Argentina, plus plenty of smiles and laughter. Hope you do well and the Lord looks after you there in the desert. Cheers,