Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup is ruining my life! June 23, 2010

Hello family,
How is everything with all of you? Will that question be enough to get letters from everyone who reads this? Maybe not, but I can always dream. Anything is possible if you just believe (Cinderella Story, for those of you who would know that). Well, everything in Argentina and Toay is just great. The world cup is going on right now and that is proving to be a challenge for us. Argentina won all of the games it has played so far, which means that the Argentines are going nuts. We usually leave our house at 3:30, but yesterday, there was a game right at 3:30 so no one was outside and no one would answer their door because they´re all too busy watching the game. We had an appointment at 5:30 so we went there, but they were too busy festejaring (celebrating) so they couldn´t let us teach them. We heard that Argentina is playing again on Sunday so we got really scared. If it was in the morning, there would not be a single person at church, but luckily they are playing at 3:30. United States played today against Algeria so we all went to an ice cream place to watch the game. It´s amazing how easy it is to get excited when everyone else is jumping and screaming and yelling. United States totally won in the four minutes extra time. It was so intense and now we qualify for the next games. I would much rather have the United States lose soon though so that they don´t have to play Argentina. If they beat Argentina, everyone would hate us. Also, last week, some elders in our district told us that they had done lessons with like 10 menos activos. We were kinda confused about why they would spend so much time doing that because they usually say that number isn´t very important. Later, we figured out that they have been visiting all the menos activos every time there is a futbol game for Mundial. They arrive a little bit early and share a scripture and then watch the games with them. Silly elders. I guess if someone comes back to church because of it, they can feel good about themselves. A little ridiculous though.
Also, 3 people came to church!!! It was so amazing. Last week, Hna. Davis and I went to go teach Cesar (probably our favorite investigator who is a military guy with six adorable children and a WIFE - they´re married!). He hasn´t been reading his BOM, but he really wants to change and likes it when we come over. He told us that he really wants to change, but he doesn´t want to leave his wife behind and change without her. Then his wife came home and Hna. Davis tried to tell him in a roundabout way (so that his wife wouldn´t understand) that he didn´t need to wait for his wife. Somehow it came out that we can´t wait for him to change and we´re not coming to visit him anymore. We just decided to go with it though and we gave him our address and wrote in his BOM and left. It was really sad and we kinda felt like we´d just broken up with someone. We didn´t talk to him again until Saturday, when we decided to call him and remind him about the activity at the church that night. When we called him, he said that he was going to go to church the next day. So we went to pick him up for church and he was waiting outside for us. Then he totally loved church! Everyone was super nice. All the members went out of their way to greet him and introduce themselves and he got along well with all the Priesthood leaders. After church, he told us that it was "much more than he thought it would be." Sweet! Next week, his brother who´s 20 and lives with him said he wants to go too. So there is still hope for Cesar. He would be a very solid member of the church and his family totally needs the gospel! We´re way excited for him. Betiana and Bocha also came to church: Betiana loves church and always goes, but Bocha had some reservations. He was mad at God because he didn´t have work. We went over to their house on Thursday and Hna. Davis said I was in charge of teaching them. Somehow, I started talking and kinda did a monologue about how important it is to read the BOM and that they´re going to be sad if they don´t do it. I think it got to them though because they seemed to take us more seriously after that. We taught them the Restoration and invited them both to come to church. We later found out that the Bishop went on a walk with Bocha that night (no idea what they talked about) and our new ward mission leader and his wife invited them over for an FHE at their house. I love when the members take care of the investigators!! We also have some other people who say they want to go to church.
I felt like we have been working hard, but haven´t really helped anyone the whole time we were here. This past week, there was a ton of stuff that helped me realize that we actually have helped a lot of people. A bunch of these things were people telling us," You have helped our family so much just by coming to see us." Some of our other favorite investigators said that they have been trying to come to church every Sunday for the past five weeks and every time, something totally random and unexpected comes up. She said," It´s like someone doesn´t want us to go." Oh, that´s funny. Well, there is someone who doesn´t want them to go, but there are a lot of people that really want them to go and it will change their lives when they finally make it there. Well, the church is so true and so important! Jesus Christ lives and I love him so much! I love you all and am grateful for all you do for me.
Happy June Christmas in two days!
Hermana Seegmiller
P.S. Our hot water broke in our house so we have been dumping buckets of boiled water on our heads to shower this week. I felt like a real South American missionary. So hardcore. :)
I sent some pictures. We never take pictures with any people here because we always feel like it´s awkward to just whip out your camera when you´re at their house. We will try to take some pictures this week that aren´t just of us two. One of the pictures is me in front of a store window that they decorated for Father´s Day. Everyone here was apalled that we can´t call for Father´s Day. They feel for you, Daddy. The other picture is the Pokeballs that Hna. Davis and I won for being obedient this past week. Our district got the most points this past week and so we got to evolve! We´re not Bulbosaurs anymore! No one can remember what the next level is though... oops. And another picture is just me and Hna. Davis hanging out in the church last P-day.

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