Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ah la obra misional-June 9, 2010

Hola ¿como va? Todo bien aca en Argentina.
My Spanish is actually improving. Well, I actually noticed that it´s getting a lot easier to understand people when they talk. Before, if people just started monologuing, I would kinda tune them out and think about where we were going to go next and mostly what I want to eat (I always crave cookie dough that Mom makes or alfajors or cookies or even fruit... basically anything that´s edible. But now I actually listen to people. When they pass ten minutes, I lose interest and think about food again, but I´m working hard to concentrate more. We have a really good investigator named Florencia who is 15 years old and she always reads everything in the Book of Mormon that we leave her. She used to smoke, but one day when we came, she told us that she had stopped smoking (without us even asking). She wants to change and be a better person and she loves reading the Book of Mormon. She was going to come to the ward activity this last week, but when we went to pick her up, her older brother came out and told us that she can´t go because her mom is Catholic and doesn´t want her going to another church. Rough life. So now we are praying that she will be able to come to church somehow and the activities with the youth because they would be so good for her. We also visited Cesar this week. We´ve been working with him for a long time and he has the most adorable six children I´ve ever seen. I love all of them and I love going over there and seeing them. Cesar is complicated - he wants to change and he knows we can help him, but he´s not really willing to make any real sacrifice. But this week, he realized that he loves the feelings he has when we come over and he wants to learn from us. He also told his wife that it´s really good for him and she actually started listening to us too. They would be such a solid family in the church and they´re so great. We just need them to come to church. The problem for a long time was that he thought we were just stupid white girls (nice, but stupid) from America who didn´t know anything about him or his country and couldn´t really understand us. So we finally brought an Argentine member with us (Oscar, who just got his mission call to Paraguay and is so solid and good, ´he´s a convert of about a year) and he answered perfectly all the questions Cesar had about being a member of the church in Argentina. It was so awesome. We really hope that Cesar and his family will be able to come to church now and their lives will seriously be changed.
Everything is going really well here. We have a bunch of investigators now that are progressing kind of. We need them to come to church, but we feel good about them. We´ve been trying to find some new ones too, but with minimal success. Our mission president told us that we have a goal in our mission this transfer that every companionship will baptize in this transfer. We really want to be able to comply and fulfill this goal, but it´s harder than it sounds. I definitely think we can do it, but we are having trouble finding out how to baptize people like the elders do. I think it´s something that we have to learn, but it is going to start this transfer. I´m excited to see what is going to happen. We actually had a zone meeting this morning that was Pokemon themed. Our zone leaders dressed up like Ash and did a dance to the theme song in Spanish. It was pretty entertaining. They also said all the districts were a certain Pokemon (we´re Bulbosaur) and that by the end of the transfer, we need to get enough energy to evolve into a higher Pokemon (Venosaur). We get points by getting people to church and stuff. Then we played a bunch of Pokemon themed games like finding the Pokeballs hidden outside. It was ridiculous and actually stresses us out more than pumps us up, but it was worth the entertainment.This morning, my companion was in my bed so I sat on her bed for a while. Nothing like a good old bed exchange (mhhmm.. Cory - this is the secret message I put in for you. I guess it´s not a very good secret. Oops) Well, everyone is leaving so I better go. Good luck with the wedding! I´m so excited for Kornti and really sad that I can´t be there. I love you all!
Hermana Seegmiller
P.S: Thanks for the letters, Cory and Stephanie Lee. Love you guys. And everyone else who has written me.

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