Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Facturas are my life-June 16, 2010

Hi family!
It sounds like the wedding was a success! i was pretty sad that i couldn´t be there, but i kept telling everyone we talked to here that my sister was getting married. They all got sad for me that i couldn´t be there, but I´m happy that she´s getting married. Ít´s so sad that she got sick though. At least everything turned out well in the end though. also, the new TV sounds pretty cool and I´m excited to see it when we get home. Where do you put it though? Is there room in the little corner?
I´m sure you´ll be glad to hear that Hna. Davis and I have stopped eating bread. We stopped buying it and that helped. But we have replaced our bread with chocolate and other delicious, fatty snacks. i´m just going to get fat. Oh well... also, Betiana is still coming to church. She´s only 18 with three daughters and a lame marido, but she wants to come to church every week so that is good. We taught her about the law of chastity this week and baptism. She says she wants to get baptized, but her marido doesn´t and also, she can´t get a free house from the government if she gets married because they give free houses to single people first. So...we didn´t really know what to do about that. We´re going to visit them again this week and try to teach Bocha (the marido) and hopefully convince him to go to church too.
also, the Larry the cucumber scripture case that Kayela let me borrow for the mission is a big hit here. All the little kids and the elders totally love it. I always tell them it´s a pepino and they get totally confused because it´s really just a green scripture case with a face on it. One little member girl asked me where my "sapito" (means little frog) was and I had no idea what she was talking about. Silly argentine child...Larry is a cucumber. in that same family, the mom was trying to get the little girl to eat her food and she was teasing her about liking this boy named sebastian. to convince her to eat, she said," A Sebastian le gustan las gorditas." meaning Sebastian likes fat girls so you should eat so you can be fat. her daughter is like five. It was pretty entertaining here. My goal on the mission is to not be remembered as the "gordita" or "feísima" fat or really ugly, which i have already heard members describe sisters that way. They don´t mean it in a rude way, but i just really don´t want to earn those adjectives. i guess there´s not much you can do about being ugly.
So I keep forgetting to tell you guys, but tragedy struck a few weeks ago when i accidentally left my memory card in the computer at the cyber we were at. Some argentine picked it up and now has all my pictures from my first transfer in the mission. I was really sad so I refused to put my other one in, just in case it miraculously came back to me, and now I have hardly any pictures at all. I´m trying to move on though. and I´ll probably need a new memory card in a while. Sorry... but i´m sure you were just waiting for me to lose something. after all, i´m an expert at losing things. I attached some photos. The first one is me drinking mate! That is against the rules here, but some of the missionaries have invented this delicious sugar drink that is kinda like mate so we bought a mate and were drinking it. The second one is me when it got really foggy the other day in Toay and it was really cold. hna. davis told me to make a face like I was scared so this is what came out. and the third one is a very attractive picture of me and hna. Davis when we tried to make milanesa and egg sandwiches. it turns out that´s not really possible so when i ate mine, it totally fell apart. I think I¨m just actually really bad at eating because hna. davis´s stayed in one piece. Also, my food always ends up all around my plate at all the members´houses and all over my hands and face. So basically i´m a slob. I´m working on it...
So the mission is good. I like Toay and we have some promising investigators. We´re working hard as a district to be able to evolve into the next level of our pokemon. Hermana Davis and i have a lot of fun together. She might get transferred at the end of this transfer and then I will be left alone in Toay. that´ll be scary, but I´m sure it will be fine. hna. Davis and i actually went running this morning. Last week, we almost missed the bus so we ran across Toay to the other bus stop. all the people were in the streeet so they were just staring at us, wondering what we were doing with our lives. i´m sure we looked really strange. But as I was running through Toay, like ten feet behind Hna. Davis, i kinda felt like I was going to die. I honestly felt like my heart might stop beating and that´s when I realized that the exercises I have been doing in the morning don´t ever make my heart pump faster. Oops. So I had to make sure that I wasn´t going to keel over any day now that i eat a ton of greasy noodles and meat and never make my heart pump faster. it felt good to run this mornign and I didn´t even die. that run will probably sustain me until the end of the mission now. Well, everything is just dandy in toay and with our investigators. We are working hard and hopefully people will come to our activity this Saturday and to church. also, Zone Conference is this Friday so that should be fun. I love you all and I´m so happy for Kortni and her new husband. also, i hope everything goes well with the funeral. I´m happy for grandpa that he can finally rest with grandma. I hope everything is well. I pray for you all the time and always thank Heavenly Father for giving me such a wonderful, ridiculous, funny family. I love you.
Hermana Seegmiller

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