Monday, January 17, 2011

Conferencia De Hermanas-January 17, 2011

Hello familia,
I hope everyone is doing well. I hope it´s not too cold there. Surprisingly, Tandil has really nice weather so far so we haven´t totally died in the heat yet. I have been getting a tan though. I totally have super white toes and the tops of my feet are really dark. It´s the classic missionary tan. What can you do? I am actually in Bahía again today because we are having an Hermanas Conference! We´ve been waiting for it basically since I got here (by the way, I have 11 months in the mission today.... AAAAHHHH!) and it finally happened. So all the hermanas in the mission came to Bahía to have a special conference and help us learn stuff and practice. It´s really fun to see all of our friends and meet the new hermanas. It was good to see Hna. Tingey and LaPray again. I also saw Hna. Durham, who I haven´t seen in 9 months, and she is so much like Kylie... it´s freaky. I have to introduce them one day. So we have been having fun with that, even though we have to work today instead of have Pday. I would say it´s worth it.
This past week was actually really awesome. Hna. Wilding goes home in 3 weeks, but she still shows no signs that her death is near. She´s such a solid missionary and I am really learning a lot from her. I think I worked harder in this past week than I have in the rest of my mission and it felt so good. We found a lot of new investigators (most of them unmarried). We ended up having 8 lessons with members, 5 other lessons, 8 less actives visited, and 9 new investigators. That is definitely the most productive week of my mission, hence the reason why this is the only week, I have ever shared my numbers with you. Let´s just say they´re usually lower than that. We just kept finding people and teaching lessons because we are trying really hard to baptize someone in January. I still think it´s possible and we can do it. Saturday was kinda a rough day though because two of our investigators with a baptismal date decided not to listen to us anymore, we found out another really good investigator has to get divorced before being able to get married (which takes like two years here), and another investigator told us not to visit her anymore. So that was kinda rough. And then it rained on Sunday morning and rain= Argentines don´t come to church. But we still have excitement and we´re going to keep working hard and find a family to baptize. We´re excited. And next week it probably won´t rain on Sunday morning.
It´s actually too bad that nobody came to church on Sunday because we had really good lessons. My favorite was in Relief Society when we learned about sacrifice. Learning about sacrifice is always good because it always helps you realize that you aren´t doing enough and you need to sacrifice more. And we sometimes need a reminder. They shared the story about the young, rich boy who always did what he was supposed to do, but when Jesus told him to give away all his riches in order to go to heaven, he cried and couldn´t do it. It kinda reminded me of me before the mission. Like I always went to church and I tried to read my scriptures and pray, but if Heavenly Father really would have asked me to do something I didn´t want to do, I really don´t know if I would have done it. I´m learning a lot now about how we need to trust Heavenly Father´s will and do the things that he asks us to do. We need to sacrifice for him. Then Hna. Wilding and I were talking about how your sacrifice should be hard for you. Then if it gets so that your sacrifice isn´t hard for you anymore, it´s not really a sacrifice and we need to up the anty and sacrifice something more. And you should always be sacrificing for the Lord or you aren´t going to be able to progress. It was an interesting lesson for me. Just something to think about... what´s something you can do to sacrifice more for the Lord than what you´re doing now?
Well, I am doing well and honestly loving the mission. I feel like it took me a while to get here, but now i finally understand why people always talk about their missions the way they do. We´re going to keep working hard so that people can accept the gospel and start changing their lives. And we just get to sit back and watch the miracle that Heavenly Father works in them. It´s pretty amazing. Well, have a lovely week! I love you all. Write me letters...:)
Hna. Seegmiller

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