Monday, January 3, 2011

Tandil - Un lugar en el mundo-January 3, 2011

Hello hello family,
So I am now in Tandil and it has been a pretty crazy week. We actually didn´t get very much time in our area, but Hna. Wilding told me that it is really small. I guess I should be used to that by now because all of my areas have been tiny. It´s kinda fun though. Well, first off, I got to Tandil last week at 2:00 in the afternoon after riding in the hot, nasty bus all day. It was a good time. When getting off the bus, I thought to myself, " Well, at least I won´t have to ride it for another four months." Here´s a tip: never say anything like that because someone is listening and will prove you wrong. We got a call on Wednesday or something saying that me and Hna. Acosta (one of the hermanas from the companionship we live with) need to go to Bahía on Monday for a leadership conference that the mission is having. Then we also found out that we are going to have the Hermanas Conference the Tuesday after that so we are going to have to ride that stinkin bus for another 8 hours back to Bahía. I must be being punished for something. But I am really excited to go to Bahía and back to la Falda to see Hna. Olsen and the Abuelitos. Oh, and going to the leadership conference means that I am training next transfer. I´m getting a new missionary as my comp and I´m supposed to teach her stuff. I´m excited, but also scared. It should be a good experience. I guess I´ll get more details about it later, but I at least I have five weeks to prepare. :)
Also, the crazy experience of the week (along with me having a really bad cold the whole week and Hna. Wilding getting really sick to her stomach every once in a while... she just got her gallbladder taken out a few months ago) was trying to get Jorge baptized. He´s an old man who has been ready for a while but had a ton of problems with his wife and something always happened so that he couldn´t go to church. But when we went to his house, we felt like we should set his baptismal date for that Friday, the 31st. He accepted and we started running around, trying to arrange everything for it. The members were excited and he was ready and we got everything prepared. After a few setbacks like his wife´s daughter accidentally sending Jorge a message telling him that his wife had died (she takes care of two grandmas and the other one had died, but she sent the text message to Jorge instead of the other family... also, who sends a text to tell them their grandma died?!) and having to take her to the hospital and having all the paperwork take five hours, Jorge wasn´t able to come to his baptism. We went forward with faith the whole time, trusting in the Spirit and believing that it would happen. We aren´t exactly sure why it didn´t happen, but we do know that we did everything we could to make it happen and I think Heavenly Father is pretty impressed with our effort and happy with us for what we did. And we are still very sure that he will be getting baptized. It´s probably one of those stories that you never want to have on your mission (getting ditched with the font filled), but I actually feel pretty good about it because I know we were trusting Heavenly Father and doing what He wanted us to do. And that´s a really good feeling.
Tandil and being comps with Hna. Wilding and living with the other two hermanas, Hna. Cassidy Clark and Hna. Acosta, is pretty much really fun. I´m enjoying it a lot and I´m sure when we start working for real this coming week, Hna. Wilding and I will be able to get a lot done. The gospel is true and Heavenly Father loves us and knows what we need. Sometimes we just need to trust Him. I love you all and thank you so much for your support. Enjoy the pictures!
Hna. Seegmiller

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