Monday, January 24, 2011

I forgot to write an email!-January 24, 2011

I was writing an email to Mom and Dad and they turned out really long and I forgot to write a big one. First time in 11 months though so that´s not too bad. Well, I just wanted to write about the Conferencia de Hermanas that was so much fun. We did some practices and learned a lot from Presidente. It´s a lot easier to practice with just hermanas. Something that was really cool this week was that a bunch of members of our branch went to the temple in Uruguay. Most of them had been saving up for it for like six months and they had to ride in the bus for like 17 hours to get there. On Sunday, they came back at 7 in the morning and most of them were there for church at 9. The most impressive to me was a convert of like 5 months named Mary. Hna. LaPray actually found her with her trainer. Her husband died a long time ago and when she just went to the temple with all the hermanos, she was able to do the work for her husband and parents and a bunch of other relatives. It was so cool to hear about it. And it made me think that even though Hna. LaPray wasn´t able to see Mary get baptized, this wonderful woman that she found has now helped even more people find the gospel. It´s just another evidence that we never really see all the importance of our missions and all the good things we´re able to do. It´s super easy to see in my own life, but harder to see how it´s affected or helped other people. And it is so impressive to see the hermanos here go to the temple because they really do come back changed. They value their trips to the temple so much and it just reminds me how grateful we should be that we have one so close. And that we should take advantage of it and go as often as we can. One hermano said that a guy who went on the temple trip just got enough money to buy the ticket and was just planning on not eating the whole time. He didn´t tell anybody until they were already on the trip, but everyone found out and gave him some of their food. I sometimes forget that whole sacrifice thing and get lazy. But we need to be sacrificing just as much as these faithful Argentines if we want this church to grow. Anyway, that is what the Argentines taught me this week. Also that children are a lot less hard-hearted. We had like eight new investigadores this week that were all the children of our investigators and they are all a lot more likely to progress. We´re working on it... Love you all!
Hna. Seegmiller

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