Thursday, February 3, 2011

La Vida Es Una Oportunidad. Aprovechala!

Hello familia,
I thought you would enjoy this lovely quote graffiti-d (Does anyone know how to spell that?) on a wall in Tandil. The gangsters here are so profound. Well, this week was good, but kinda interesting. My compañera is going home in a week and she is trying to get everything ready to go. Who knew it would be really stressful to pack up all your stuff from the last year and a half, giving most of it away, and leave to go back to your own country with a total change of life style, form of dress, and language? That´s weird. But the preparation is proving to be pretty stressful. But Hna. Wilding is doing really good still. She´s super organized and still wants to work. It does make me think about going home a little more, but I am just trying to focus on what I am going to do when my hija gets here and I´m in charge of everything. This is basically my last chance to ask any questions.
We had 8 baptismal dates, but on Sunday, we decided to let 7 of them go. Micaela and her daughter, Karen, are super good. They are reading and praying to know if it´s true, but they do not want to go to church. We wanted to show Micaela the church this week (she only lives a block away!) and she wouldn´t even come to look at it. She has some really big doubt, but we can´t figure out what it is. Then we have a lot of really irresponsible kids that are never there when they say they will be and some people that aren´t married. That means it´s time to find some new investigators. So is the life of a missionary. But we love it and are enjoying it. And it´s not even that hot here in Tandil. What luck.
One thing I really love about the branch here in Tandil is that I can really enjoy church. The lessons are always so good. A recently returned missionary gave a talk in sacrament meeting and said that it´s easy to be active in the church, but not as easy to be active in the gospel. You just have to come to church once every three months ("so we´re all good for a while...hahaha"), but to be active in the gospel requires a lot more effort.. and brings a lot more blessings. He said that sometimes we think we can live this life alone, but it´s a lie. There is a reason that Christ set up his church like this. We need our visiting teachers, our family members, the teachers of the classes we go to, our leaders in our wards, and more importantly, we need Christ to help us get where we need to go. I´m still working on letting him help me. I know he can do this work waaay better than I can, but it´s still hard sometimes to let him tell me how to do it. It´s all a learning process. But I do feel good about the fact that I know I am where he wants me and am doing what he wants me to do. And that is a really good feeling. Well, thanks for all the support. I love you all soo much.
Hna. Seegmiller

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