Thursday, February 10, 2011

End of a transfer...2/7/11

Hola familia,
Well, this week turned out to be pretty crazy. It was Hna. Wilding´s last week in the mission. She really wanted to work and she was ready to... until she got really sick and we couldn´t leave the house for three days. We were also supposed to be planning a talent show that was on Saturday for the branch. We couldn´t leave the house so it was really hard to plan the talent show and we ended up just having three acts - an older lady recited a poem, we sang a song (we changed the lyrics to a Little Mermaid song to talk about how we never wanted to leave Tandil. The best part was when we said that our parents wouldn´t mind because they already have a lot of kids... they all laughed), and then our ward mission leader did some magic tricks. We started an hour later than we were supposed to because our ward mission leader wanted to wait for a less active guy to get there, but it was fun and we had a good time.
Now Hna. Wilding and Hna. Clark left (she got transferred to La Falda to be with Hna. Olsen!) and me and Hna. Acosta were left alone in the house. Its kinda lonely now, but we´re having fun. She keeps me entertained with all her English phrases - You wanna fight? Shut up! Your turn (when it´s time to say the prayer) Little lady monkey (which is what she has started calling me, Fatty (which is what she had started calling Hna. Wilding). I tried to teach her "You look lovely today" so she could know something a little nicer, but she doesn´t want to say it. OH... and it turns out that Hna. Acosta won´t be training after all. They said that she was going to get a girl from the States and she was 8 weeks in the MTC and her boyfriend proposed so she went home. Now she´s not coming to the mission and Acosta is getting a mini missionary from somewhere in our mission. They haven´t found one yet though so she´s going to be hanging out with me and my hija (the only one still coming because the Colombiana decided not to come either) for a while. The only thing we know about my hija is that she´s from Chile. So it should be fun. :)
Also, we had some changes in the presidencia of the rama this week and now we have a full presidency! Pretty exciting. One of the counselors is a guy who just got back from his mission like a month ago. Pretty crazy. I hope Jordy´s getting ready for that. Actually, I think he would have to come home to Latino America for that to happen. But now we´re just in a waiting period (Acosta and I ) to find out what our fate is. We think my hija will show up on Wednesday night, but until then, me and Acosta are just covering two areas...and hers is pretty much half of Tandil.
Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely time. I am enjoying the mission still, a little scared for my hija, but excited for how much we are going to work this transfer and all the good we can do. Thanks for your prayers! Heavenly Father knows how much I need them. Love you all!
Love from Hermana Seegmiller

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