Thursday, February 24, 2011

Milagros, anyone?-February 21, 2011

Hello querida familia,
Well, me and my hija have continued to be blessed a lot and are having a great time in Villa Aguirre together. We found some new investigators this week and got to teach a ton of lessons. It´s so much better having almost too much stuff that you can´t do everything than looking for stuff to do every day. But we finish every day really tired and my journal is definitely getting slowly pushed out of my life. I hope my kids never ask me if they can read it... but I guess I never did. Now i want to though. Anyway, we had the baptism of Cecilia this Sunday and it was so beautiful. We had it right after Sacrament Meeting so a bunch of the hermanos stayed to watch. We found Cecilia like three weeks ago with Hna. Wilding when we walked out into some fields where nobody lives and ended up finding a house. We knocked on the door and out comes Cecilia´s mom, Susana, saying that she is a member and has been wanting to come back to church for a long time. So Heavenly Father sent us to her random door in the middle of nowhere to help her. Heavenly Father definitely loves us. And her daughter is 8 so we invited her to get baptized. She was really excited and they have been reading their scriptures and praying to get ready. She looked so adorable in her little baptismal dress and was so happy when she came out of the water. Hna. Araya and I also played a musical number - "Cuando me bautice" and I accompanied her while she played the flute. And I have now accompanied two professional instrument players in musical numbers. I felt cool, even though my piano skills are seriously lacking and even the Argentines can tell.
Another miracle that we saw was that our 91-year-old investigator, Antonio, showed up to church with his son. We have been visiting him for a while and he couldn´t come to church so we visited him on Saturday with our branch president. We told him before we went in that Antonio is 90, but he kept waiting for the old man to show up because Antonio really does look pretty young for his age and he totally understands what we´re saying. But it was pretty much amazing that they came to church and I think he enjoyed it, although all three hours was a little long for him. But he´s really cute and we want to baptize him too. We leave him parts of the Book of Mormon to read and he reads for like 30 pages. Pretty impressive. He reads more than I do...and he´s 90! Well, 91.
Other than that, we´ve just been working hard and trying to fill our days with important things to do. The mission goal is to teach 10 lessons with a member each week and 10 others and find 15 new investigators. It´s a lot of stuff to do, but considering that we do have all day, every day to do it, it shouldn´t be too hard. We didn´t quite make it this week, but we are feeling good about next week. And we are going to baptize our miracle family this coming weekend. They continue to be absolutely amazing and were the first ones at church this week and stayed for the baptism. We´re so excited for them and I will be sure to send pictures next week. I hope everyone is doing well. I´m very happy with how the mission is going right now and pray that Heavenly Father keeps sending us miracles and that we can keep working hard. It is true that I am the happiest when I work the hardest.
Oh...and I completed a year as a missionary this week. So weird. I can´t believe it´s been a year. It has been really hard and really good. I don´t think I will ever regret my decision to be a missionary. I love you guys and am so grateful to have your support and your prayers. Good luck with being normal people this week!
Hna. Seegmiller

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