Monday, March 14, 2011

"Cuando hay viento, lloro. Cuando hay comida, como."-March 14, 2011

Hello familia,
Well, I somehow ran out of time today, but luckily, not much happened this week! My lovely companion, Hna. Araya, got super sick and we spent two and a half days in the house. Fun! It was super hot at the beginning of the week and we were outside walking all day. It wasn´t very good for us because I got a cold and Hna. Araya got a fever on Thursday night. We had to come back home early. She took her temperature and it was 101 degrees. She had that same fever all day Friday and Saturday. We called the doctor of the mission and he told her what pills to take. So now she´s healed again, but she had a few days in bed. And I got to read Our Heritage. It´s a really good book and it showed me just how much other people have sacrificed for this church. Pretty impressive.
I also found my old journal entries and found out that I gained 11 pounds in my first area. And since then, I´ve lost 13! Pretty impressive, huh? I´m pretty sure it shows in the pictures that I´ve sent home. I was a little gordita before. Haha... We´ll see what the coming winter does to me. I guess you guys will see when I get home. :)
Hna. Araya and I also talked this week about how nothing is worth your salvation. Lots of times we make decisions that puts our salvation at risk. The more we talked about it (and shared our thoughts with a less active lady) the more we realized that nothing is worth risking our salvation. Everything else we experience in this life will basically end when we die. Salvation and our chance to live with Heavenly Father again is the only thing that we will have. SO all the worldly things that we have here and the things that we would trade for our salvation really aren´t worth it. If we think about all our decisions in terms of "Is this going to help get me to my salvation?" it puts everything into a whole new perspective. There are a lot of things that we have to sacrifice when we think like that, but it´s definitely worth it because at the end of our life, we will have the greatest reward... the possiblity of living with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families again.
Basically, I love my companion and she´s teaching me so much about how to be a missionary and how to live life. I´m grateful for her and for the chance to be with her here in the mission. Also for the chance to be in the mission. It´s amazing how much it has changed the way I think and helped me to know exactly where I want to end up... with you guys in the Celestial Kingdom. I love you!! Thanks for your support.
Love from
Hna. Seegmiller
P.S. The title of my email today comes from me and Hna. Araya walking down the street and having a ridiculous conversation. I said," When it´s windy, I cry." and she replied with," When there´s food, I eat." Haha... we laughed for a good ten minutes and then thought about writing poems together. It´s so profound. :)

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