Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sonreí, sos Argentino y vivís en Tandil. ¿Qué más querés?-March 7, 2011

Hello dear family,
I found the title of my email on the back of a bus this week and totally loved it. I said it all week whenever we were feeling kinda down and Hna. Araya just cracked up every time. It´s so profound. "Smile, you´re Argentine and you live in Tandil. What else do you want?" They have a point. It comes out a little stronger in vos though. Well, this week was not as awesome or full of miracles as other weeks, but at least none of our investigators died. :)
We had Daniela who came to church last week and we had an appointment to go by on Tuesday. We went over to her house and saw her outside, but when we got closer, she went inside and her daughter came out and told us she wasn´t there. We went by like four days in a row and she was always "busy." We´re pretty sure she´s living with her boyfriend again and doesn´t want to tell us. Maybe we didn´t hide very well how happy we were when they broke up... oops. So we´re going to let her think about her life for a while and pass by her house again when she´s ready to not hide from us. It happens, but it did make us mad that she kept making her daughter lie for her.
We also met Jorgelina this week, who has 8 kids. 8!! And she´s married. She said that she liked us when we knocked on her door so she invited us over. She smokes a lot so we´re going to help her stop. She accepted the baptismal date and said she would go to church, but didn´t answer the door when we went to pick her up. It´s really weird because all of our investigators right now are really active in their own churches so they´re already used to going to church. We just have to convince them to go to our church and get baptized instead of their own church. But Victor and Cristina in La Falda did it so these people can too.
We did have one miracle - Valeria. She´s the girlfriend of the less active son of our ward mission leader. She wants to change her life so we´ve been teaching her. She was going to get baptized the 12th of March, but then she decided that she wanted to get married first so she could really keep the Law of Chastity. So now they´re getting married on the 23rd of March and she can get baptized right after. Yay!! And she just quit her job so that she can go to church every Sunday. So this Sunday was her first day. Now we just have to reactivate her boyfriend. But she is super cool and brave for making all these changes and for following the answers that Heavenly Father is giving her.
Oh and tomorrow is International Woman Day so I hope all the women that read this have a very happy day. Apparently, it´s a big deal here so we´re going to tell the elders to do something for us. YAY! I hope you are all doing very well. Hna. Araya and I are having a lovely time here in Villa Aguirre and loving our cute little rama. Our miracle family continues to amaze us. Braian received the Priesthood this Sunday. I wanted to cry. He´s going to pass the sacrament next week. I love being a missionary and we´re trying to do the best we can. I love you all and am so grateful for your love and support. I received a lot of it this week in form of a lot of letters and a package from Kylie and friends (and there are letters coming your way!). Thanks for your prayers! Sonreí.
Con amor,
Hna. Seegmiller

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