Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mar Del Plata - LOCURA sin cura!-March, 28, 2011

Buen día, familia,
My first week in Mar Del Plata turned out to be pretty crazy (like every other week of my missionary life). The first thing I heard about Puerto is that it smells like fish really bad. And then I heard that it´s a really awesome ward and has a bunch of active members! It´s like a dream! So all week I was really excited to go to church and see just how many members there were. It´s a really big, beautiful church and it´s only two blocks away from where we live! We also live pretty close to the beach and we can see the Atlantic Ocean from our window. The Atlantic Ocean is a new experience for me. I feel like I´ve always been involved with the Pacific Ocean, but the Atlantic is nice too. And when we finally made it to Sunday again, I wasn´t disappointed! The church was just FULL of active members and people wanting to meet me and try to pronounce my name and wondering if I play the piano (thank goodness that I do or I don´t think they would let me stay!). There were like 70 of them and all the members said that there were a bunch of people out of town because of the long weekend (because there was another holiday for no reason... oh Argentina. :) We went to lunch with the Bishop after church and he started telling us that we have a Ward Mission Leader and Ward Missionaries. WHAT?! No way! And we have a Sunday School President WITH COUNSELORS!! I couldn´t believe it. I haven´t seen that since I left the United States. I honestly had to use my hand to close my mouth because I was so surprised. So basically I love it here.
Also, my new companion in Hna. Christa Collette. She was actually in my same major, Elementary Education, at BYU before I left (at the same time and everything) but we didn´t ever meet each other. We had to come to Argentina to meet. She´s been here four and a half months already, but she loves the area and the ward. She´s really funny and we laugh a lot together. I wrote down something funny that she said every day this week. The best part is that she doesn´t even know it´s going to be funny and then when I start laughing really hard, she still looks oblivious and it makes me laugh even harder. Some of my favorites are: "ROSA!" that she yelled really happily when she saw a lady who actually turned out to be named Ana, "sí, the Catholic church kills the faith a little" to a Catholic lady in the street, and this little encounter with a random old man after picking an avocado off a tree in the street and not knowing what it was (it has a weird shape here)...
Excuse me, sir, what is this?
Oh, thank you.
Nothing else?
Oh, um... also, we´re missionaries...
And he walked away as fast as he could, leaving us to laugh really hard. So it´s been a pretty good time. And I´m looking forward to being able to find lots of new investigators. Our area is HUGE!!! It´s like eight times bigger than any of my other areas and I kinda feel the pressure of so many people to visit and teach and baptize. It´s hard to find time for everyone. Luckily, hardly any of them want to find time for us so it makes it a lot easier. Also, a lot harder because we have to find people to baptize. But we are really excited for General Conference and are going to try to get a bunch of investigators to go. Who doesn´t want to go and listen to the prophet? Well, I hope you are all doing wonderfully. Good luck with all that you´re doing and pray for us. :) Thanks for the support.
Hna. Seegmiller
P.S. These are some pictures that we took this week.
1. The sign outside of our apartment so you´ll know who lives where. It still says "Elderes." Someone forgot to change it.
2. Me with a Puerto sign.
3. The only thing that there are more of than people in my area... fish. More specifically, dead fish. Mmm.. que rico.
4. Me in the puerto with the boats.
5. Me and Hna. Collette on the beach
6. Hna. Collette and I being weird
7. Me inviting Mar Del Plata to repent. We erased it before we left though so they probably won´t do it. We´ll have to keep inviting them individually.

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