Saturday, April 9, 2011

General Conference! -April 4, 2011

Hello family,
So this week turned out to be pretty lousy. It was probably the worst numbers week of my whole mission. We´re kinda lacking investigators right now. We´re trying to find new ones, but it has kinda been resulting in a lot of walking and sleeping really well every night and a lot of zeros in my agenda. Everyone knows that missionary work is like that. But everyone here also says that Puerto is an awesome ward and that we can have a lot of success here. I totally believe them and am excited to see it, but we have to fight through the dry periods first. But Hna. Collette and I are still excited and ready to work and to find all those people who we know are ready here.
It probably didn´t help the week that much that we did divisions with the hermanas who work in Centro and I had to stay in Puerto. Hna. Diaz from Chile came to join me. She´s going home with me in July and I´m not sure it was the best idea to put us together. She has counted how many Pdays we have left in the mission (15 now...aaah!) and she didn´t hesitate to tell me. I´m going to try to forget that now and go back to letting Hna. Collette convince me I have a really long time left. That was a happier thought. The real bad thing about being with Hna. Diaz is that it meant that I was in charge and I still had no idea where I was going in this huge area. I tried to lead the way, but I got totally lost and made us walk like 15 extra blocks, only noticing that we were going the wrong way when we almost got to the beach instead of the big road. We walked in the complete opposite direction than where we needed to be going for like twenty minutes. Oops. But it just made me feel really stupid. I just wasn´t ready for this area with 100 streets after three areas with like 20 streets to memorize. I have no doubt that I will figure it out though.
But on a very happy note, we had General Conference!! It was amazing as always. I really think it is even better as a missionary, even if it means that you have to watch it with a bunch of elders. They set up an English room for us who speak English and it´s so awesome to hear the Prophet´s voice and to be able to sing in English! I loved how the Prophet talked about temples and imagined all the temples being filled with people in the coming months. It made me really excited that I´ll be able to go again too. I loved getting answers to questions that I had. But mostly I loved seeing all the prophets and apostles and listening to their strong testimonies and realizing that this work is going to keep moving forward. There is nothing that we can do to stop it. The church is going to keep growing. More and more people are going to come to accept the gospel and let it work miracles in their lives. And i just feel grateful to be a part of it. I also realized that I just have to make sure that I am strong enough so that I can help as much as Heavenly Father needs me to. Pretty amazing. Well, thanks for your prayers and your support. I´m going to be working hard to get to know Puerto this week and finding some new investigators. I know that we have tons of help and I am very grateful for Hna. Collette, who continues to make me laugh constantly. Also, we made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies today, due to the request of our district leader for our meeting ("You´re women so you love baking.") It was a little taste of home, even though I had to cut up a chocolate bar to make the chocolate chips. :) Well, I´m still loving the mission and feel very glad that I made the decision to come. This is Jesus Christ´s church and the world needs to know it. Your friends need to know it... so tell them. :) Love you all!
Hna. Seegmiller

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