Monday, April 18, 2011

Je vais te couper la tet!-April 18, 2011

Hello family,
My lovely companion, Hna. Collette, has been teaching me French this week. This particular phrase that got chosen as the title of my email this week was taken from when she was telling me a story from when she was living in France with her family and this guy got really mad at her brother and yelled," Je vais te couper la tet!" at him, which means," I´m going to cut off your head!" Pretty strong words. But I thought it was pretty funny so I asked Hna. Collette to teach me how to say that in French. So I practiced a little bit and wrote it down. Later, when we were walking down the road, I would randomly say that to her in French. It turned out to be really funny for me because she would totally freak out and I just laughed, since it doesn´t really mean anything to me. Then it got even better when we went to a less active lady´s house and she told us that she understands French. So I, of course, took advantage of this great opportunity and told her," Oh, really? My companion has been teaching me French. Je vais te coupe la tet!" She looked totally freaked out and Hna. Collette looked scandalized while me and the other two family members just laughed at their reactions. It was pretty great.
This week went pretty well. A few weeks ago, pretty much all our investigators told us not to visit them anymore so we have been rebuilding our group of investigators and now we have 14 newbies. We´re not sure if they are going to progress, but we would like to think that they are. We do know we were super blessed to be able to find them and at least tell them a little bit more about the church. We did finally have someone come to church. RocĂ­o, a very inmature 29 year old, finally came. She had been before and she totally loved it, but it had been a few years. She showed up to church in the rain (most members in Argentina don´t even accomplish that) and loved all the classes. She is really open and tells us exactly what she´s thinking always, which actually proves to be pretty nice. She said that going to church helped her feel better and learn more than all the times we went to her house to talk to her and we were like," Duh! Can you please tell that to all our other investigators?" That is our main problem right now. People that think it´s lovely to listen to us, but they don´t want to move from their houses on Sunday morning. Even less now that it´s starting to get cold. And I´ve decided that it is going to be REALLY cold here. With a lot of wind. Should be fun... :)
This week went by really fast because we did divisions. This time, I got sent to be with Hna. Vargas in Pompeya and Hna. Collette stayed in the area with Hna. Salas. They are both Argentine hermanas and both really awesome so it was really good to work with them. And, Hna. Vargas didn´t have anything to eat for breakfast in their house so she made me a cake! Sweet. It was super good and tasted almost like Texas Sheet Cake so I´m going to try to make it for Hna. Collette´s birthday that is coming up next week. I also took advantage of divisions to sneakily buy her a present for her birthday. She has no idea. I hope she likes it. Hna. Vargas and I were able to find 3 new investigators in their area and it was really fun teaching with someone else and talking to her. Maybe she´ll be my comp next transfer... it would be a party. I also learned that it´s really important to just always ask people if you can teach them. Even if you think that they won´t accept, you never really know if they will or not. We´re going to start doing it in our companionship now.
One last story... we were walking by this young couple who were sitting outside the Bingo of Puerto and just staring into each other´s eyes, as the young people who are "in love" tend to do, when the girl just started hugging the head of her boyfriend. I saw it and was pretty weirded out, but when we had walked a few more steps, Hna. Collette asks me," Hermana, do you want to hug my head?" and I said," How did you know?" and then we laughed really hard. I guess it sounds kinda weird now, but it was really funny. We have a good time making fun of all the PDA that we see every day.
Anyway, I´m feeling very happy here in Mar Del Plata and enjoying the time I´m with Hna. Collette. She continues to crack me up. We are going to keep teaching, finding, and working hard to be able to help those people who need us to be able to get to know the gospel of Jesus Christ. It´s great and it continues to change me every day. I love seeing the way it changes everyone else too. It´s amazing. Share it with your friends. ;) Love you all!
Hna. Seegmiller

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