Monday, April 25, 2011

I have a nephew!!!-April 25,2011

Hello familia,
I am doing really well. I am soooo excited that I have a nephew! He was born a little early though and so now I have to wait even longer to meet him. But he looks really cute and they say he´s doing well. I´ve already been seeing things in store windows that I want to buy for him. Also, this past week, I got the Easter package that Mom sent me and we have been eating chocolate and kinda getting sick on it for the past week. It lasts a lot longer when there are only two of you eating it. The missionary work is going well in our area. We have a bunch of investigators, but they´re kind of all struggling to progress. RocĂ­o didn´t come to church this week because she was "tired from her son´s birthday party the day before." She´s going to have to wait a little while longer to get baptized, but I know she´s going to make it. A family with five kids that were investigating the church in Centro just moved into our ward and the mom and one of her sons went to church this week. They seem pretty great and we really want to baptize them.
We actually did divisions again this week and I went to be with Hna. Freeman in Centro. It´s a pretty big area too, but we had a good time. She´s super cool and I enjoyed being her companion for a few days. We were knocking on doors in Centro and we rang this lady´s intercom and introduced ourselves. She said," Oh, we were just about to light the black candle for the devil. Do you want to come in?" We said "No thanks." and then she yelled," Okay, then don´t bother me anymore!" and hung up. Then we laughed really hard. I would give her points for creativity because I´m pretty sure it was a joke. Pretty sure...
I was also talking with Hna. Collette and she was trying to tell me about a store that she wanted to go to that sells earrings, but she couldn´t remember the word for earrings. She said," Ellos venden.... orejas?" Me: That´s ears. Her: Arvejas? Me: Peas Her: Ovejas? Me: Sheep! (laughing) It´s aritos!
It was pretty entertaining. It was just one of those bad Spanish days that happen sometimes. But it was pretty funny. She´s actually very good at Spanish.
Also wondering... what´s happening with the Mother´s Day phone call? I´m planning on Skyping if I can, but I need the password. I´m excited to talk to you guys and see you! SO fun! I hope you are all very happy and doing great. Thanks for all your support and prayers. I love you all! I still pridefully show our family picture to anyone who will look at it. And then they spend a few minutes trying to decide which one I am and they usually think Karli is me. Then I say," No, she has a man. I´m the one without a man." haha... And they say that we all look the same. Oh, Argentines. Gotta love em. Well, have a great week!
Hna. Seegmiller

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