Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh the mission...-May 2, 2011

Dear family,
How goes life? My life is pretty good. Another transfer has ended and my mission life is slowly ebbing away. And it´s kinda freaking me out. But I am happy to be here and I have another new companion. I´ve had five companions in the last five transfers. I just can´t seem to hold on to them. But my new one is Hna. Cassidy Clark. I lived with her in Tandil and we always got along really well. We have the same trainer, Hna. Davis, so she is actually my little sister. She´s cool and excited to work. We´re going to have a good time and work really hard. She came from La Falda so she brought a letter with her from the Familia Soria, the family that got baptized when I was there. They told me that they are doing so good. She´s the Relief Society teacher and he´s president of Young Mens! Their kids are doing great and are excited to get baptized. It was so beautiful to hear from them and hear that they´re doing well.
Meanwhile, Hna. Collette left me a good memory to remember her by. She bore her testimony because we always do on the last Sunday in a ward and she tried to tell everyone that she was going to miss them, but mixed up the words and said," This ward is going to miss me so much." Everyone understood what she was trying to say, but I still laughed to myself. Then a bunch of members came up to her afterwards and told her to keep practicing her Spanish. Pobre. She´ll be fine though. And at least it´s something to laugh about. :) I´m just going to keep practicing my French. Je te vais couper la tet! Haha...
Puerto is doing well. This past week was Hna. Collette´s birthday so I tried to do everything I could to help her celebrate it well. I made her a cake that turned out pretty well and the whole zone sang her happy birthday. I bought her a scarf and a cute alpargata keychain and made her a classy homemade card. Then I told our Ward Mission Leader that it was her birthday and he told her that she needed to have a member cake! So the next day we went over and ate cake with him and his wife. And then we ate more cake on Sunday with the Bishop and his family. So basically a lot of cake... and Argentine cake is not the best. Just use a lot of dulce de leche and you´re good to go. But a lot of dulce de leche will make you throw up or feel very sick to your stomach for a while. So it was a fun week!
We also have found some new investigators, but since it was REALLY cold and windy this Sunday and all our investigators are Argentine (go figure... actually one is from Chile), they didn´t show up to church. It was pretty sad, especially because Rocio and Franco said that they would FOR SURE come this Sunday. Well, hopefully they do come and can get baptized, but we shall see. But life is good in Puerto. Still smells like fish. Still full of chosen people just waiting to be found. So Hna. Clark and I are going to go find them! Wish us luck... and pray for us. Love you all!
Hna. Seegmiller

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