Friday, June 17, 2011

Feliz cumple, Mamá!-June 13, 2011

Hello familia!!
    First of all, a very feliz cumple to my wonderful mother. She deserves to have a good day and much more than just a shoutout in an email from a daughter in Argentina, but this is basically all I can do for now with my limited resources. But I love her so much and just want her to be very happy. I hope she knows how much she is loved and appreciated by everyone who knows her. :)
    Well, this week turned out to be pretty interesting. I didn´t tell you guys about the baptism that we had planned because it´s always really sad to write all about it and have it not work out. It´s much happier when, like today, you had no idea and then SURPRISE!!! Baptism! So we have been teaching Patricia and Ricardo ever since Patricia came to church like four weeks ago. She came because one of the hermanas who was speaking that day invited her to hear her speak. Her and her husband, Ricardo, listened to the missionaries six years ago and came to church a bunch of times and were about to get baptized, but then they didn´t. But this time when the hermana invited Patricia, she was ready and she totally showed up to church that day. I talked to her and asked her if we could go by. So Hna. Clark and I went by and visited them and set the baptismal date for June 4. They accepted it, but seemed pretty hesitant. Then we taught them all the lessons, left them a bunch of chapters to read and always left them the assignment to pray and left them a bunch of different church movies to watch too. They did everything we left for them to do and really started changing and felt accepted into the family of our ward. They came to the ward activity on May 25th and they were totally comfortable. One day, we went to them with the Flia. Galli (who are the ones that invited them to church) and talked to them about seriously preparing to be baptized on June 4th. Patricia said she would and Ricardo said he would pray and read every day. That Sunday at church, Ricardo felt really good and received some sort of answer. He still said he wouldn´t be ready by the fourth, but he said on June 11 that he and his wife would BOTH get baptized. They seemed really excited about it so we set it up and the ward did a great job planning the baptism. It turned out really beautiful and you could totally feel the spirit. Catalina, the 84 year old Italian friend of the same Familia Galli, also got baptized with them. She started coming to church when the hermano started talking to her about temples when she went to buy clothes at their store and she "felt something really special." She said she wanted to go to church with them. She started going and she hasn´t stopped going and even though her family is basically against the church, she decided to get baptized and was really excited about it. She even got a pedicure so that her feet wouldn´t look bad going into the water and bought white underwear because she didn´t have any. She´s so cute and loves the church so much. She kept talking about how she was sad that she hadn´t ever heard about the church before. She´s basically amazing.
     So it was a really cool lesson about the power of member missionary work. It all started with just talking about the temple and inviting a neighbor to come listen to her give a talk and ended with three peoples´ lives being changed. It was probably a good lesson for me to learn right now too because I want to know how to do member missionary work too so I can keep being a missionary after I take off my nametag. So be like the Familia Galli - get our there and tell your friends, neighbors, doctors, coworkers! It will change their lives!! And probably yours too. :)
     Also, we did get transfers this past weekend and me and Hna. Clark will be staying in Puerto together. Yay! But with a twist. Two other hermanas are going to come join us in Puerto, Hna. Diaz and Hna. Arancibia (two Chilenas). I´m excited for my Spanish to get good again. :) So now we have four hermanas sharing our ward and our apartment. Today we had to go out and buy a new wardrobe and another mirror. We also had to get an hermano to bring a bunkbed over from another house and then we had to put it together, which was quite the challenge. But with the strength of three hermanas in skirts and a prayer of help, we were able to get the bed put together! Now we just have to put the dresser that we bought together and find a new table to use. It´s going to be kinda squishy, but I´m pretty excited about it. Always a new adventure. :) And we have all transfer to go out and find all the people that Puerto has that are just waiting to be found. Well, hope you all have a lovely week and tell someone about the gospel. It´s basically the best thing ever. You can use that line if you want, but I´m sure you can think of something better. :)
Hna. Seegmiller
P.S. Here are some pictures of us with Patricia and Ricardo, me trying to be Argentine, my crazy district, the baptism and my zone leaders. :) Good times in the mission.

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