Tuesday, June 21, 2011

La gordura es hermosura-June, 21, 2011

Hola Familia,
    ¡Feliz día de la bandera! Today is "Flag Day" in Argentina, which means it is another holiday. Winter is just full of holidays where people just shut themselves inside all day and don´t work. Today just happened to be Pday so the holiday didn´t affect us as much as it usually does. I´m pretty sure the only way that they celebrated Flag Day was to not go to work. They have a ton of holidays in winter.
    Anyway, this week was pretty crazy. I told you guys last week that we were getting two more hermanas to come live with us and work in Puerto. They´re totally cool - Hna. Arancibia from Osorno, Chile and Hna. Diaz from Santiago, Chile. They make five Chilenas that have played a big role in my mission so I´m pretty sure I have to go to Chile someday. I heard this joke a while ago that I think demonstrates Chilenos pretty well. "What is the country that is closest to heaven?" "Argentina because it´s right next to Chile!" Yeah, they´re a little bit prideful about how awesome Chile is, but they are really good people. It´s been pretty fun having all of us together there. They always throw out their little English phrases that make me crack up. We found out that Hna. Arancibia thought that the song "Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do when he comes for you." was saying "cowboy, cowboy." That was pretty funny. I also taught them to say," Get a life." Haha... they taught me some Chilean phrases and I´m going to test them out in District Meeting and see how it goes. We also made chocolate chip cookies for Hna. Arancibia´s 9 month mark in the mission and she was pretty excited. I actually turned 16 months in the mission this past week. Pretty crazy.
    With the winter here, we basically have the streets to ourselves after 6:00 at night. It´s great. The other night, I was taking advantage of that and just started leaping down the street. I got in a few good leaps before I looked across the street and there was this lady standing in her doorway looking out into the night. I stopped leaping and kept walking normally and said," yeah, that lady was definitely watching me." How embarrassing. Also, we were waiting outside the gate to a recent convert´s house the other day and Hna. Clark was playing with their dog when her nametag (which has been kinda broken for a while and always falls off) totally fell inside the gate and the dog picked it up with its mouth and took it to its doghouse. We started screaming so that somebody would take it away from him and the kids inside came out and rescued it, but it was already too late. The tag had a big bite-mark/hole in it. Hna. Clark was pretty sad, but I couldn´t stop laughing. At least it´s a good story, right? I lost my nametag the other day too. It just fell off. After 16 months of not having a problem, it just fell right off and I didn´t notice. Now i have to get one of the badly manufactured Argentine ones. But it will be a cool souvenir.
   Also this week we found Germán and his mom, Nelsa. They were a reference from a guy in a different ward. He went with us to meet him. We set a baptismal date with him, like we´re supposed to, and he accepted. I´m pretty sure the member thought we were nuts, but he let us do what we thought was right. When we went back for the second lesson, he said that he wanted to go to church on Sunday, but he didn´t think it was necessary that we come to his house again. It was a very strange situation. I don´t think I´ve ever had an investigator that didn´t have a problem going to church, but didn´t want the missionaries to come over. We´re going to have to work on that, but he did come to church and totally loved it. Church is totally great though. It´s almost guaranteed that everyone who goes will like it. Plus, our ward is really awesome. Yay Puerto!
    The fun thing about getting two more hermanas in your ward is that you have to divide your ward and your investigators and it turned out that all of our good investigators are in their area. So Hna. Clark and I are back to looking. That´s what most of the mission is, but we´re having a good time doing it. We found this less active guy and his wife in the street yesterday and he said he wants to come back to church. Yay! Heavenly Father just put miracles in our path all the time. We hope we can help him. Barrio Puerto is getting bigger all the time. It still smells terrible, but I´m pretty sure that I´ve gotten used to it. I officially have 5 weeks left of my mission. It´s a pretty weird thought, but I´m doing well. I´m just trying to take advantage of this last bit I have left. I do know that this church is true and I can´t be afraid to tell everyone I meet. I love my Savior and I love this gospel. I also know that life doesn´t end with the mission, but this is just the start. And at least I´m starting it right. :) Love you all!
Hna. Seegmiller

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