Friday, June 10, 2011

Nuevos investigadores, anyone?-June 6, 2011

Hola Familia,
    I hope everything is just dandy with you guys. This week was actually pretty good for me. Our president said that we got 101 baptisms as a mission in the month of May. So we´re improving... a lot. Yay. He also said that in order to keep improving, we´re going to need to find a lot more new investigators. So that was the challenge for this week - new investigators. We ended up finding 11 - pretty good, but still not quite the 15 that we´re supposed to be getting. Some of the new ones were good, some were weirdies, and a bunch of them are just not ready to commit to anything. But it was still a really cool testimony that when we´re focusing and praying, Heavenly Father can help us do anything that we want to do. Lots of times He´s just waiting for us to ask and have faith. It turns out having faith is actually really hard. But He´s also willing to help us with that so we can´t really complain.
    Patricia and Ricardo have been progressing really well. Their baptism is scheduled for this Sunday at 5 PM, after a special Stake Conference that´s going to be a transmission from Salt Lake. I´m pretty excited about it... the Stake Conference and the baptism. Patricia has to quit smoking to get baptized and she´s doing really well. We got a call from her this week when we were in a lesson and we couldn´t answer so she left us a message. The message went like this," Hello Seegmiller. I called because you said to call you if I wanted to smoke and I really want to smoke right now. Pray for me. May Heavenly Father bless you. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." It was so cute. She´s trying really hard to do everything like she´s supposed to so she even changed "May God bless you" like she used to say to "May our Heavenly Father bless you." We called her back later and she said that she overcame it by buying two little candies. Catalina, a grandma of 84, is also getting baptized with them. She loves the church so much and asked us if everyone who goes to church has been baptized and we said yes. She said," Okay, then what do I have to do to get baptized?" She always wants more people to go to church because you just feel so good when you go. It´ll be good. We also found this guy from Chile, Marcelo, in the street a few weeks ago who´s a member of the church, but he´s been inactive for like 25 years. He told us that he wanted to come back to church and he´s now come to church 2 times. He´s pretty cool and always makes fun of our Spanish and other jokes. We´re pretty excited for him that he is putting his life in order again.
   We also had some fun experiences this week (as always) with random men. We were walking down the street the other day and some guy says," Hola elders.... Beautiful elders." in English. People just love to practice their English on us. We just smiled at him and then almost died laughing as we walked away. We didn´t even have time to tell him that we´re actually hermanas, not elders. We also did divisions this past week and Hna. Nava from Mexico came to join me in Puerto. I´ve been having a real problem lately where I almost fall over all the time. I think it´s my large shoes that do it. Luckily, I always have my companion at my side to catch me and I still have yet to faceplant. So I was walking with Hna. Nava and I tried to step onto a curb and somehow missed it and she had to grab my arm to keep me from dying. I thanked her and we kept walking on the sidewalk, where we passed a man that had watched the whole falling/saving encounter. I thought that it was kinda embarrassing that he had watched that, but oh well. He wasn´t going to let it slide though. When he walked past me, he looked at me and said," You almost fell. Haha." and walked away laughing. Wow, thanks buddy. I thought it was pretty funny though.
   Hna. Clark and I also almost got separated this week. I got off the bus at the stop we needed to and I looked behind me to see the doors of the bus closing right in front of Hna. Clark´s face so that she couldn´t get off. I screamed out loud when I saw her. She just looked at me with this horrified look on her face and pushed the button so that the bus driver would open the door again. Luckily, the bus driver did open the door and she could get off the bus. I´m sure the people around us thought we were totally nuts, what with me screaming and then laughing hysterically when she finally got back to my side. Good times. Hna. Clark also almost told this lady in a lesson that after having Jesus, Mary married Joseph Smith. "José Smith" just rolls off the tongue, but she stopped it before it came all the way out and Mary was still able to marry Joseph the Carpenter.
    Well, the mission is basically a miracle and the gospel really is too. It´s amazing how much it changes the lives of the people that let it. Hna. Clark and I are going to go out and find our 15 new investigators this week and try to help the 11 from last week progress. We´re going to have to work really hard, but that´s really better because then we know that we are going to be happy. Also, to those of you who have written me and I haven´t written back, sorry about that. I´m trying to do it, but it´s hard to motivate myself to write a letter that will get there only a few weeks before I will. The time really is getting shorter. Aaah! But now I´m just using my Pday time to be in Argentina, take pictures, buy souvenirs, and get fat on facturas. :) It´s a good time. I love you all. Thanks so much for the support!
Hna. Seegmiller

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