Wednesday, September 8, 2010

¡BYYYEEE-ah Blanca!- September 1, 2010

Hola familia,
How´s everything at home? It sounds like everything is going well. My mission president told me that school started this past Monday when we were at his house for lunch. He is on Facebook a lot, talking to return missionaries and stuff so he knew that a bunch of them were starting school again. It was weird to think of all my friends who are going to school again. It´s nice to not think about school, but school is a lot less stressful.
This week was good though. I´m just trying to find my way in the new area and figuring out Bahía. Hna. Abarzua talks to everyone on the streets so I´ve gotten in the habit of talking to everyone again too and it makes me feel like a better missionary. Just like all my other companions, she doesn´t talk to men so I contact all the men. They have families and stuff too, but I stay away from the super creepy ones (and I taught Hna. Abarzua how to say creepy). I went to our branch for the first time on Sunday and I liked it. Most of the members are really young and a lot of them are returned missionaries. There are like 40 members, but only about half of them went this Sunday. A ton of people are sick right now... like four members of the branch are in the hospital, but all with different things. Pretty crazy. And the abuelitos told us that 8 people in our neighborhood have died of cancer in the past few years. Cancer´s not contagious, right?
This week, we spent a lot of time trying to find new people to teach. One day, I was really excited to go out and work and find new people to teach. We started knocking doors and a cute little old lady named Rosa let us in. We talked to her for a good two hours, testifying over and over again of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how you just need to pray to ask God. She´s been Catholic all of her 70+ years of life and she said probably 50 times," No me voy a cambiar." I´m not going to change. We asked her if she had ever asked God if the Catholic church is true and she said that her church doesn´t teach that. It was a super draining experience talking to Rosa because we really gave her everything that we have to give. We tried to tell her what she needs to do, but she had already closed the door on it. It did help me realize once again that our church is true. Our church does teach us to ask God if it´s his church. They tell us to ask often so we can know for sure. And we can say that because we know that every time, the answer will be yes, the church is true. Now all we can do for Rosa is pray that she´ll change her mind.
I got to meet Beatriz this week, an investigator who is excited about going to church! The only problem is that when Hna. Abarzua and Hna. Tingey (who was here before me and everyone says she´s divina! She´s really great though) met Beatriz, she didn´t have a job. So Hna. Abarzua prayed that she would find a job and the next day, she got a job... a job where she works on Sundays so now she can´t go to church. Oh, life is funny. Sometime, she wíll have a Sunday off and then she´s going to go with us. She also has six kids, all of whom have complicated lives. They are all super cool and nice though and friends with each other (and I really like them because they remind me how fun it is to have siblings nearby) and the gospel could definitely help them. A bunch of them need to get married.
Also, I got the Ensign in English (now that we´re right next to the office, I can get practically anything I want. It´s SWEET!) for August and read the article by Boyd K. Packer about FInding Yourself in Lehi´s Dream. It´s a super good article and you should all read it. It kinda scared me a little bit because he says that we are living inside the great and spacious building and that is where we have to raise our kids. I´m scared to be a mom and protect my little hijitos from all the bad things in the world. But now I know more than ever that the church and the gospel are what are going to protect us and help us be happy.
Well, family, I hope this email wasn´t deathly boring for you. I´ll try to write down some funny stories this week to tell you. Today, Hna. Abarzua lost her card to ride the bus in her bag and was frantically searching for it, freaking out that she wouldn´t be able to find it before the bus came. She was talking really fast and had this scared look on her face. And she kept saying," OH man." in her little accent. That was probably the funniest thing that happened all week. She found it in time, but it was super funny watching her totally freak out and speak in English. And I learned another word in Spanish today when we went shopping again.... estrapless (it means strapless dress). Well, good luck with everything. I love you all and pray for you all the time.
Hna. Seegmiller

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