Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vainillas are my life-September 15, 2010

Hello familia,
How goes everything? I hope everyone is happy and going to church and praying for your missionaries. This week was a pretty good one. On Sunday, Victor and Cristina came to church randomly. We invited them, but we had very little hope that they would actually come. They showed up for sacrament meeting with their two little kids and enjoyed it. It was fast and testimony meeting, which is a little bit more awkward in a branch because there are less people to bear their testimonies and then some people don´t want to. I think Victor and Cristina enjoyed it though. Also, a menos activa that we´ve been working with named Elizabeth Bleuler (who actually has a brother named Lehi) also came to church with her daughter and shared her testimony. It was really special and powerful. She said that the gospel has helped her through a lot of really hard things in her life and that she has always known it is true. Afterwards, she told me that it had been 15 years since she had borne her testimony in church. I was happy for her, but also determined to tell everyone I meet to not let 15 years pass before bearing their testimony. One good thing about the awkwardness was that I got to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting. I never want to take the time of the members so I never do, but this time there wasn´t really any reason not to. I love bearing my testimony because it´s really how I strengthen my testimony. Every time I say out loud the things I believe, I just feel it even stronger that they are true. There´s no way I can deny that I know my Savior lives and that this is his church on the earth. I just wish I could share a strong enough testimony to make everyone else know that too.
Besides that, this week was an interesting week for names. I met a girl named Abigail, which is a nice name in English, but extremely hideous in Español (you pronounce it like Ah-big-eye-eel...super ugly) and another girl named Heidi (Hay-dee...not quite as bad). Also, there´s a family in our ward that has four daughters, who are named María Paz, María Luz, María Sol, and María Luna. I thought the parents were totally nuts until I realized that they are just the Argentine version of Kayela, Kortni, Karli, and Kasidy. I guess that makes me María Luna. But I don´t know what they´re going to do for Jordan and Jarrett if they come along. Maybe Mario Paloma and Mario Arbol or something. Poor little kids... :)
Also, random note - Footloose is playing on the speakers in this ciber and I am enjoying it way more than the kissing song that was playing before.
Another exciting thing that happened concerning missionary work is that we went with a 13 year old girl in our ward (her dad was going to come too, but couldn´t at the last moment) to visit Jorge and Estela and we challenged them to get baptized. I was actually the one who was explaining why baptism was important and asked them to be baptized. It was the first time I´ve done that so it was a little scary. Then the little girl shared a really cute testimony of her baptism and Hna. Abarzua set the date for October 17th (which just happened to be Estela´s birthday). They have a lot of problems and are super humble right now so I think they really need the gospel. Jorge said that he wants to set that as a goal, but that he thinks the most important thing is to pray. YES, Jorge! PRAY!! So we will see if he does it. I hope so.
And finally, today for P-day, our district activity didn´t happen because President says that we need to use Pdays to clean the house until we have baptisms every weekend so we stayed at home and played beauty shop. Hna. Abarzua is a cosmetologist so she plucked my eyebrows for me, tinted them to a darker color, and cut my bangs. She also told me that one of my eyes is bigger than the other and higher than the other... "no, it´s not really important. I just want you to be self-conscious for the rest of your life." Gracias. But I am now parting my hair on the other side to cover my bigger eye...haha. Ánd tonight we´re going to finish by doing my nails and next week, she wants to show me how to wax my legs. So I am definitely learning some new things on the mission. But she´s really great and I like working with her a lot. She´s pretty convinced that she´s getting transferred in a little while so then i have no idea who will come to La Falda.
Well, family, I hope everything is going great at home. I love you and I pray for you always. Good luck with everything you´re doing. Pray for me and Hna. Abarzua. Love you so much!
Hna. Seegmiller
P.S. Vainillas are a delicious cookie that we eat all the time and we dip them in milk.
P.P.S. We also found out this week that you can kinda create chocolate frosting if you dump some chocolate milk mix (Nesquik) into a half liter of dulce de leche. So delicious... :)

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