Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hurry up! My ice cream is melting

Hola, buen día,
¡Como está, mi querida familia? Espero que todo esté bien. Argentina is still good, getting hotter day by day. I´m convinced that I´m not going to make it through the summer here, but I guess we´ll wait and see. This week was a pretty good one, besides the ever mounting pressure to baptize. This week on the 18th of September was the Día Patria de Chile (their independence day) so Hna. Abarzua and I got to go to a little party with the Abuelitos (they´re from Chile too). They had a little Chile flag and lots of Chilean music playing. One of the CDs that other missionaries had burned for them had the United States National Anthem and I had a patriotic moment by myself when it came on. ¡Aguante America! I mean... Go America! We ate some empanadas and enjoyed hanging out with the Abuelitos. They´re so great and always take care of the missionaries.
Victor and Cristina didn´t come to church this week (because they said they already have a church), but another investigator named Estelia Maris came to church. I was really confused when she had the exact same name as a menos activa that we visit, but it turns out that Estelia Maris is a first name. We passed by her house and talked to her for a while on Saturday morning. We invited her to come to church and said that it´s really important and she said she would go. We went with her to church on Sunday and she really enjoyed all three hours. The branch president gave her a Gospel Principles book and when we went to her house yesterday, she had been reading it and knew that you have to be baptized with authority and when you are older. I was pretty impressed. We asked her to be baptized and she said that she doesn´t want to change churches so we will see what happens with her. She really liked Relief Society though when Hna. Currulef taught about faith. She asked if anyone has ever tried a new recipe before. And how does it come out? Everyone laughed and said it always comes out bad the first time. Hna. Currulef explained that this is like faith...that sometimes we expect everything to come out perfectly the first time we try it and that we´ll have perfect faith, but sometimes you have to try a few times. We have all the ingredients and the recipe, but we need to give ourselves a few tries before everything comes out perfectly. Oddly, it made more sense to me in Spanish, but it was a really good lesson.
Also, we had companion exchanges (thank you, Jonathan for the correction) this week again. I went to Hospital again, but this time with Hna. Acosta. Hna. LaPray came to La Falda and ate a whole bag of the Reese´s Mom sent me (and Hna. Abarzua is obsessed with Reese´s so she was SOOO excited). It´s a good thing I really like her. I had a good time with Hna. Acosta. We tried to contact a bunch of references we´d received, but a lot of them were fake addresses. Then we decided to visit a menos activa. The lady hadn´t been to church in 10 years or so and she told us her whole life story. Then Hna. Acosta asked if we could share a scripture with her from the Book of Mormon and she said she´d prefer if we didn´t. She said that she didn´t feel the church was necessary and she said she feels she has a good relationship with God. I was feeling sensitive about her ripping apart all the things I hold so dear, but I just decided to not say anything. Then Hna. Acosta suggested we sing a hymn instead. We started singing Families Can Be Together Forever and I just lost it. The tears started rolling down my cheeks and I couldn´t stop and I definitely couldn´t sing (pobrecita, Hna. Acosta). I just felt so sad for this lady that she didn´t understand how much happiness the gospel brings. It was the first time I´ve cried like that in a lesson and the lady told me that i need to toughen up because people are going to reject me. It was a pretty rough experience, but it just helped me understand even more how important the gospel and the Book of Mormon and my family all are to me. And Hna. Acosta probably thinks I¨m nuts now.
I also found out one more awesome thing about Argentina. It´s called La Torta de 80 Golpes. Apparently, they hit the dough 80 times and that´s why it´s called that, but it´s REALLY good. Nice job, Argentina. Well, everything is going good here. I´m helping Hna. Abarzua learn English and she´s really improving. Hna. LaPray taught her to say," Hurry up! My ice cream is melting!" during divisions and she used it on me the next day. I died laughing. We have only a week and a half left of this transfer. It went by so fast. But our little branch and the missionary work here is going great. I love you all so much and am so grateful that I know we´ll be together forever.
Hna. Seegmiller
P.S. Being "a dieta" totally stinks.

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