Monday, October 18, 2010

¿8 Meses? ¡¿Qué?!-October 18, 2010

Hola querida familia,
Espero que todo esté bien en casa. This week was a good week. Every day is a little bit longer now that we don´t have siesta, but we have more time to work and we have seen some good results. We found four new investigators this week - Mirna (who has gone to church before, is married, and has 7 kids) is super cool and is going to read her Book of Mormon and pray about it. And we also found Bernardita (which is probably the ugliest name I´ve ever heard - Little Bernarda?) who is 23 and searching for religion in her life right now. She´s also super cool and we have high hopes for them.
So as you guys know, I love scaring people (like hiding behind stuff and jumping out at people). Mom does it too so I think I got it from her. I do it to my companion all the time so Hna. Abarzúa thought she would take some revenge on me this week. I was in our room putting away some clothes at nighttime and she was outside on the patio hanging up a towel. She had left the window into our room open, but with the curtain over it so I had no idea it was open. When she saw that i was in there, she went up to the window and pushed the curtain, saying,"Oooooh!" Well, I´m a pretty jumpy person so I screamed and jumped back while she died laughing outside on the patio. She kept laughing while I tried to catch my breath and yelled," ¿En serio, hermana?" The funniest part was when I went outside to pegarle una piña right when the Abuelitos came running out of their house to see what happened. The abuelito even had a stick in his hand to defend us. We explained what happened and we all had a good laugh. But it was good to know that the Abuelitos are always willing to help us. :)
Also, we had a few lessons with Jorge and Estela this past week that were pretty good. They had a baptismal date for this past weekend, but they didn´t get baptized because they didn´t feel ready. Estela still needs to go to church, but this week when we were talking about the Plan of Salvation with her, she said," When you´re talking about this, it attracts me. And I´m about ready to just throw myself in the baptismal font." Her husband, Jorge, has already been to church 3 times and has progressed a lot. We´re going to try to help him get baptized this coming week. I told him my real name is Kasidy this past week when he was talking about the cowboys like Butch Cassidy and so now he has taken to calling me Butch and he thinks it´s really funny. Nice, Jorge. We love them so much and really want them to be able to understand all the huge blessings that the church has to offer. Estela always says she thinks of us as her daughters. I think they´ll make it.
Another exciting thing this week was that it was the Primary program in sacrament meeting and they asked me to be the accompanist. I was kinda scared and had to spend like three hours in rehearsals with the screaming children, but excited to be able to play the piano. The kids actually sing pretty well and I enjoyed their performance. I felt very professional - my first time as an accompanist. Our mission president went to church in our branch this Sunday so he saw the presentation and gave us a ride home afterwards. He said," That primary program was really good, right? It´s too bad about the piano though." Haha, presidente. You´re so funny. He actually is a pretty funny guy though.
Well, that´s pretty much it. I also completed 8 months as a missionary and can´t understand where my mission is going. It´s flying by! Hopefully this coming week, we will be able to help our investigators get baptized and find some new ones too. The mission is going good. We´re working hard and helping bring people to Christ. I love everything about this gospel and am grateful to have the opportunity to share it with so many people. Also, my favorite thing to do is show people the pictures of our family and tell everyone how great they all are. I love you all! Have a lovely week!
Hna. Seegmiller

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