Friday, October 1, 2010

El mundo te necesita como sos- September 29, 2010

Hello family!
I hope everything is going well for you at home. Life in Argentina is good. The weather was really good for a few days, but now it´s cold and rainy. Confusing, but we´re trying to adjust. This week is the last week of the transfer again. I can´t believe how fast this transfer has gone by. It seems like I just got to La Falda, but it´s already been six weeks. My companion might leave me and I still haven´t mastered the buses or where all the members live (and there are only like 20 active ones, like 5 houses). I´m sure I´ll be fine though and I like La Falda so I´ll be happy to stay.
As far as missionary work goes, we are doing good. We now have 5 baptismal dates and are trying to help our investigators progress. We had two investigators go to church this past week. Estelia Maris came for the second time and participates and everything in Relief Society. She understands everything, but isn´t sure she wants to change churches. We´re working with her to try to make her understand that she needs to feel the answer, but she´s excited for General Conference this weekend and we had a lesson with her and a member this week that went well. I think she´ll make it, but her baptismal date is next weekend so I´m nervous about helping her get baptized on time. Jorge also finally came to church. We have been visiting him and his wife for 6 weeks now and they always told us they couldn´t go because her mom has super advanced Alzheimer´s and they can´t leave her alone. But he showed up and went to all three hours and really liked it. He always comes up with the most random weird questions, but him and his wife are struggling right now and they could really use the gospel. It´s funny because these three investigators are all older than Mom and Dad so it´s like I´m hanging out with my parents all the time and counseling them on their spirituality. A little weird, but I really love them and want them to be happy. We also have a few other investigators who we´ve asked to be baptized, but they still don´t have a date (because something always happens right when we´re about to ask them- a phone rings, a friend comes over... that darn Satan). Lucia just had a baby two months ago and always talks to us when we come over and reads her Libro de Mormon. She wants to go to General Conference too. And Marcelo is a separated 40 year old with a really cute little boy. He´s never been too into religion before, but when we went to visit him the second time, he said that he´d been reading about Neefi. It makes me so happy when the people do the things that are going to help them.
Something funny that happened this week was the the mother-in-law of President Detlefsen came to our branch with her granddaughters. She´s a little crazy and talks a lot and I really like her. She ranted for a while about how great the church is and then grabbed Estelia Maris and said," Are you baptized?" Estelia Maris told her no so she said," Oh, you need to get baptized! It´s the best decision I´ve ever made!" leaving Estelia Maris and I laughing at this crazy abuela who´s super cool.
This week, we ate lunch at the house of our branch president. He´s married and has two little girls who are 5 and 2. Manuela is the oldest and I was hanging out with her while Hna. Abarzua consulted the branch president´s wife about what she should do with her hair (she´s a cosmetologist). I was talking to Manuela and randomly she asked me," Por qué no te casaste?" (Why didn´t you get married?) I told her I didn´t find a good man to marry. She said that she knew a boy named Maximo in her kindergarten class who is really handsome and that when he gets older, she´s going to marry him. So I asked her if she knew anyone I could marry, like an uncle or something, which sent her into a long story about her aunt who got married and just had a new baby. She said that the baby is still little, but when he gets bigger, I can marry him if I want. So if I don´t get married in twenty more years, Manuela is going to hook me up with her aunt´s newborn baby (who by then will be 20). I´m not sure I´m going to take her up on that offer, but it was nice of her.
Well, family, I hope everyone is well. I have already started making my chain for Christmas. The countdown has already begun. Time goes by a lot faster in the mission so it will be Christmas before I know it. Christmas in the mission will definitely be an interesting experience, but I´m excited. Hna. Abarzua and I have had a good transfer here (even though she hates EFY music... I´ve actually come to appreciate MoTab a lot more) and I really like working with her. I´m soooo excited for General Conference and for all my investigators to hear the words of the prophet. It´s so amazing that we get to listen to him and the MoTab! Have a lovely week and enjoy conference!
Hna. Seegmiller
P.S. The title of my email this week comes off a beer glass, but I still thought it was pretty profound. The world needs you the way you are. Let´s just remember the saying and not where it came from.

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