Monday, October 18, 2010

GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!- October 6, 2010

Hello, hello,
How is everything in the United States? Life in Argentina is good, I would say. It was so great to have General Conference this past weekend. Something really awesome was that I got to watch it in English with the other American elders. It was so good to hear the voice of the prophet and other inspired leaders and to feel once again that there are people in the world who believe this like I do. Everyone always says that conference is so much better as a missionary and it is so true. It went by so fast and I loved every minute of it. It was also really awesome because Jorge and Stella Maris came. Presidente Detlefsen and the Hermana said that they would pick up any investigators we had that wanted to go so on Saturday morning (well, it started at 1:00 here). Jorge and Stella Maris said they would go and they totally came and loved it. Jorge kept asking," When´s this Monson fellow going to speak?¨ Stella Maris really liked it and wanted to stay for the next session. She couldn´t that night, but she came again on Sunday morning. Afterwards, she said that the organization of the church is "impresionante" and the choir was really good too. I loved it all and am excited for the Liahona to come out (we´ll probably get it in December). Also, Argentina got a small shoutout from Jay E. Jensen when he said that he was living in Argentina in his talk. We were excited about it. Did anyone think of me when he said that? :)
Oh, also...the transfer ended and Hna. Abarzua and I are staying together for another transfer in La Falda. It was quite the surprise. Everyone thought she would leave and open an area and train a new missionary. She has been in Bahía for a long time so she felt like it´s time to leave, but that is not the way things worked out. I´m excited about another transfer together though. She works hard and likes keeping all the rules so we can do a lot of good things together this transfer. But something really exciting - four more hermanas are coming to Bahía so we get to do more exchanges! Party!!
Something else that was fun was that Hna. Sommermeyer stopped at our house before she left to go home. It was really fun to see her again and sad to send her home. We had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and go in the van with the Elders in our pajamas to pick her up from the terminal. Then yesterday, three new hermanas came to the mission and they brought them directly to our apartment to leave and work with us for a few hours. There´s one new Yankee (from the United States), Hna. Clark, one from Chile, and one from Mexico (who has four sisters who are also on missions right now - crazy, right?). I left with the two Latinas and they were so awesome. They have so much energy and excitement about being missionaries that it reminded me of how I felt when I got here.... sooo grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and share the good news of the gospel I love. I don´t really know what happened, but I forgot a little bit about it. It was so fun to be reminded of that by these fun new hermanas. They´re going to be so great. My trainer, Hna. Davis, is actually going to train Hna. Clark so she´ll have two daughters in the mission. The weird thing is that Hna. Clark is named Cassidy! So Hna. Davis is going to train two hermanas named Cassidy/Kasidy. I thought it was really weird when I found out. Exciting though because there aren´t that many Cassidy´s out there. We have to stick together.
We went over and saw Stella Maris after Conference to talk to her about her baptism, which is scheduled for this coming Sunday. We talked to her about everything and she´s excited to get baptized and really wants to, but the problem is that she doesn´t understand the importance of Joseph Smith. She said," I have God. I don´t need Joseph Smith." That was kinda rough to hear, especially after she´d gone to General Conference and listened to the living prophet. We challenged her to pray and ask God if he is a prophet. We´re going back tonight to see what happened.
Well, family, this email was pretty scatterbrained and we didn´t make it to the ciber where I can send pictures (which is a real shame because I have a Boiling Point picture to send... it´s not that awesome though so don´t get too excited), but hopefully next week. The mission is good. I´m excited for this transfer and I think we´ll be able to accomplish a lot. Oh, also, two other investigators that we have set a date for their marriage! They´re getting married October 28th and then they can get baptized. I never thought i would actually have an investigator that would get married so they can get baptized. It is such an amazing feeling. Well, the gospel is true and Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Modern prophets are necessary and we need to do what they tell us. I love you and am soo grateful for all the support. I honestly don´t know if I could be a missionary without it.
This week´s goal: Have the excitement of a nuevita!
Love you all so so so much!
Hna. Seegmiller

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